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      Friday, December 15, 2017
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Central Services
IT Division
Application Management Services
Customer Team 1
Mailing Address:
3rd Floor, 2 Research Drive, Regina, SK, Canada, S4S 7H9
Click to ExpandSpencer DavisDirector306-787-6268
Click to ExpandSteve ExnerManager306-787-9362
Click to ExpandDave GoertzTeam Lead (Customer Team Support)306-787-7570
Click to ExpandKen BoydWork Program Lead306-787-7723
Click to ExpandJohn GustinWork Program Lead306-787-5156
Click to ExpandBraydon BubnickProgrammer Analyst306-787-0597
Click to ExpandTravis CarpenterProgrammer Analyst306-787-2158
Click to ExpandMark CiarciagliniProgrammer Analyst306-787-8342
Click to ExpandLeanne SilzerTeam Lead (AMS Projects)306-787-2156
Click to ExpandTodd LeGrandSenior Programmer Analyst306-798-2109
Click to ExpandDallas TorgunrudProgrammer Analyst306-787-6557
Click to ExpandGlen DespinsA/Team Lead (Service Support Team)306-787-8703
Click to ExpandVictor DyckRelease Management306-787-2138
Click to ExpandCampbell Boucher-BurnetProgrammer Analyst306-787-1267
Click to ExpandMichael SaundersProgrammer Analyst306-787-4343
Click to ExpandCory JohnsonConsultant306-787-0632
Click to ExpandRosa LuConsultant306-787-5648
Click to ExpandVikas MethreConsultant306-787-1596
Click to ExpandWaheed MuradConsultant306-787-5115
Click to ExpandDev RajeConsultant306-787-6403
Click to ExpandEldon SebastianConsultant306-787-5016
Click to ExpandRyan CopelandProject Coordinator306-787-1655
Click to ExpandLaura HaidCo-op Student306-787-8715
Click to ExpandAbbey OlajideCo-op Student306-787-8892
Click to ExpandJeffrey St. OngeCo-op Student306-787-8481

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