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     Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Resource Management and Compliance Division
Fish, Wildlife and Lands Branch
Fisheries Unit
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
Physical Address:
Box 3003, Prince Albert, SK, Canada, S6V 6G1
6th Floor, 800 Central Avenue
Click to ExpandMatt TyreeManager, Fisheries Unit306-953-2675
Click to ExpandBob SkaftfeldFisheries Program and Policy Specialist, Team Lead306-787-4652
Click to ExpandChad DohertySenior Fisheries Management Biologist306-236-0454
Click to ExpandChance PrestieFisheries Biologist306-425-4578
Click to ExpandRebecca EbertsFisheries Biologist306-953-2882
Click to ExpandGord SedgewickFisheries Management Biologist306-933-8132
Click to ExpandJennifer MerkowskySenior Fisheries Ecologist306-933-7943
Click to ExpandMark DuffyFisheries Management Specialist, Team Lead306-425-4247
Click to ExpandMurray KoobSport Fishery Biologist306-953-2885
Click to ExpandRon HlasnySenior Aquatic Ecologist306-953-3242
Click to ExpandCurtis KuntzFisheries Research Officer306-787-0539
Click to ExpandJeri GeigerInvasive Species Coordinator306-637-4605
Click to ExpandConner BaragarFisheries StudentNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandJamie BilashAquatic Invasive Species Ecologist306-933-6544
Click to ExpandKelsey SeredaFisheries Student306-953-2713

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