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      Friday, November 16, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
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Mailing Address:
2130 11th Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 0J5
Click to ExpandAmanda WillManager, Clinical Applications306-337-0631
Click to ExpandYazmin LabradorSr. Analyst, Application Support306-337-0650
Click to ExpandRupi PanesarSr. Analyst, Application Support306-337-5468
Click to ExpandHarbinder PerharSr. Analyst, Application Support306-337-0996
Click to ExpandShafi ZamanSr. Analyst, Application Support306-337-0626
Click to ExpandTamara DobsonJr. Analyst, Application Support306-337-5569
Click to ExpandNaveen KatipellyJr. Analyst, Application Support306-337-1784
Click to ExpandShauna-Gay RobertsJr. Analyst, Application Support306-337-5272
Click to ExpandMuhammad AbdullahAnalyst, Application Support306-337-1785
Click to ExpandMuhammad AsgharAnalyst, Application Support306-337-0587
Click to ExpandDaniel BrockmanAnalyst, Application Support306-337-0619
Click to ExpandJarrod EllisAnalyst, Application Support306-337-0961
Click to ExpandJamie HennenfentAnalyst, Application Support306-337-1796
Click to ExpandWayne HethAnalyst, Application Support306-515906
Click to ExpandManjinder KalsiAnalyst, Application Support306-337-5262
Click to ExpandDarryl LoucksAnalyst, Application Support306-337-5083
Click to ExpandJohn MillarAnalyst, Application Support306-337-0632
Click to ExpandDaniel PaquetAnalyst, Application Support306-337-5489
Click to ExpandAshan S. QuraishiAnalyst, Application Support306-337-5542
Click to ExpandAbdul RazaqAnalyst, Application Suppot306-337-5060
Click to ExpandAndres RonderosAnalyst, Application Support306-337-0573
Click to ExpandSukhmendip SahotaAnalyst, Application Support306-337-5538
Click to ExpandSandesh ShirodkarAnalyst, Application Support306-337-5266
Click to ExpandGursahib (Gary) SinghAnalyst, Application Support306-337-1769
Click to ExpandManmeet SinghAnalyst, Application Support306-337-5055
Click to ExpandMichael WrightAnalyst, Application Support306-337-5259
Click to ExpandJune ZhanAnalyst, Application Support306-337-0577
Click to ExpandZhaoxiang (Jim) ZhangAnalyst, Application Support306-337-5271

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