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      Monday, December 17, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Workers' Compensation Board
WCB Alphabeticals M - R
Mailing Address:
200 - 1881 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4L1
Click to ExpandRobert Mack306-787-4333
Click to ExpandStephanie MacNeill-Tyschinski306-787-9707
Click to ExpandWendy Maertens306-787-1514
Click to ExpandAshley ManteiPolicy Analyst306-787-1544
Click to ExpandEvan Markewich306-787-7697
Click to ExpandJanet McCallum306-787-4388
Click to ExpandAldine McConnell306-787-0154
Click to ExpandKen McCrystal306-787-1135
Click to ExpandMichael McCudden306-787-8786
Click to ExpandBrodie McGregor306-787-4616
Click to ExpandBrian McPhee306-787-5202
Click to ExpandJamie McPhie306-787-9705
Click to ExpandStacey Miller306-787-4147
Click to ExpandPatricia Mitchell306-787-1546
Click to ExpandTrisha Monteith306-787-4990
Click to ExpandKevin MooneyDirector Of Prevention306-787-1161
Click to ExpandCurtis More306-787-2776
Click to ExpandAlmir Muhamedagic306-787-5945
Click to ExpandSheila Muhr306-787-9359
Click to ExpandBernice Nameth306-787-7142
Click to ExpandRick Nelson306-787-6497
Click to ExpandTracy Nelson306-787-7671
Click to ExpandAnnette Neumann306-787-7248
Click to ExpandJenny Ng306-787-9811
Click to ExpandKen Niebergall306-787-6269
Click to ExpandLeah Nowosiadly306-787-9470
Click to ExpandJanice Offet306-787-4446
Click to ExpandMaria Onza306-787-4318
Click to ExpandMichele Painchaud306-787-4568
Click to ExpandAdrienne Payette306-787-7181
Click to ExpandCindy Pelzer306-787-9133
Click to ExpandSharon Perry306-787-8771
Click to ExpandDebbie Pitzel306-787-1602
Click to ExpandHeather Poidevin306-787-1484
Click to ExpandRoch PoissantDocument Processing Clerk306-787-4358
Click to ExpandTania Prettyshield306-787-4112
Click to ExpandCole Pringle306-787-7864
Click to ExpandTeresa Prosko306-787-4393
Click to ExpandKaren Pytlowany306-787-0583
Click to ExpandTanya Rainville306-787-5097
Click to ExpandJoan Ramler306-787-4999
Click to ExpandGarth Reid306-787-4439
Click to ExpandJolyn RhodesCase Mgmt Team Leader - South306-787-6650
Click to ExpandDeb Roberts306-787-1036
Click to ExpandCarla Roslinski306-787-3896
Click to ExpandDale Rubisch306-787-2630
Click to ExpandLisa Laws306-787-1377
Click to ExpandLaura MacGregor306-787-5308
Click to ExpandDean Marcia306-787-4368
Click to ExpandLes MarkewichTechnical Service Delivery Manager II306-787-7349
Click to ExpandLaura McLellan306-787-4348
Click to ExpandPatrick Milo306-787-5554
Click to ExpandPatrick Milo306-787-5554
Click to ExpandAnn MonsaludHealth Care Services Coordinator306-787-7761
Click to ExpandSteve Nenson306-787-2794
Click to ExpandVictoria Ngo306-787-7371
Click to ExpandPhuong(Andy) Nguyen306-787-2360
Click to ExpandTobynne Ning306-787-4542
Click to ExpandSarah Noels306-787-4256
Click to ExpandMelissa Olson306-787-4093
Click to ExpandYetunde Oluyide306-787-8218
Click to ExpandRichard Omisore306-787-6942
Click to ExpandMukesh Paramu306-787-8987
Click to ExpandKristine Parsons306-787-4033
Click to ExpandAusie Pascual306-787-4314
Click to ExpandDarshan Patel306-787-9527
Click to ExpandHemali Patel306-787-5916
Click to ExpandSarah Pederson306-787-4408
Click to ExpandDivya Pillai306-787-4394
Click to ExpandMaria Platanopoulos306-787-7873
Click to ExpandJordan Podovilnikoff306-787-4428
Click to ExpandScott Podruchny306-787-6480
Click to ExpandJack Qian306-787-7628
Click to ExpandKabari Quaye306-787-4049
Click to ExpandAnis Rehman306-787-8718
Click to ExpandRobert Reynoldson306-787-0267
Click to ExpandErin Richter306-787-2038
Click to ExpandShahida Riffat306-787-4650
Click to ExpandDave Ruecker306-787-7530

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