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      Friday, February 23, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Independent Offices
Provincial Auditor Saskatchewan
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
1500 - 1920 Broad Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 3V2
Click to ExpandCharlene DrotarPrincipal306-787-6320
Click to ExpandMelanie HeebnerPrincipal306-787-6369
Click to ExpandLinda KlassenPrincipal306-787-6390
Click to ExpandKim LowePrincipal306-787-6556
Click to ExpandVictor SchwabPrincipal306-787-6375
Click to ExpandJason ShawPrincipal306-787-6388
Click to ExpandTrevor St. JohnPrincipal306-787-6305
Click to ExpandRosemarie VolkPrincipal306-787-6380
Click to ExpandJason WandyPrincipal306-787-6364
Click to ExpandKelly ChessieSenior Manager306-787-6386
Click to ExpandNicole DresslerSenior Manager306-787-6389
Click to ExpandAaron HalladeenSenior Manager306-787-6329
Click to ExpandAmanda IlesSenior Manager306-787-6587
Click to ExpandDesiree L'HeureuxSenior Manager306-787-6385
Click to ExpandMichelle LindenbachSenior Manager306-787-2716
Click to ExpandChad MillerSenior Manager306-787-6387
Click to ExpandJonathan PituleySenior Manager306-787-6366
Click to ExpandBrent RauSenior Manager306-787-5076
Click to ExpandJennifer RobertsonSenior Manager306-787-6384
Click to ExpandStephanie RussellSenior Manager306-787-6370
Click to ExpandLarissa SychSenior Manager306-787-6368
Click to ExpandMelissa YanyuSenior Manager306-787-6453
Click to ExpandBetty LamManager306-787-6316
Click to ExpandDoug ScottManager306-787-6373
Click to ExpandAni AgioritisAssistant Manager306-737-8815
Click to ExpandTroy CarlsonAssistant Manager306-371-3936
Click to ExpandDane ReimerAssistant Manager639-999-0277
Click to ExpandAlla ShamraiAssistant Manager306-536-5079
Click to ExpandKristen YoungAssistant Manager306-539-4905

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