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         Friday, April 18, 2014
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Saskatchewan Government
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Physician Recruitment Agency of Saskatchewan--PRAS
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309 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7K 2L8
Click to ExpandEdward MantlerChief Executive Officer306-933-5061
Click to ExpandKathy McKayExecutive Secretary306-933-5063
Click to ExpandErin BradyDirector, Corporate Operations306-933-5074
Click to ExpandJames WinkelManager, Communications306-933-5094
Click to ExpandJennifer KnorrAdministrative Assistant306-933-5000
Click to ExpandJennifer GrunertPhysician Recruitment Consultant306-933-5102
Click to ExpandBrenda TaylorPhysician Recruiter306-933-5078
Click to ExpandRhoda YakubowskiPhysician Recruiter306-933-5108
Click to ExpandHeather FridayAssociate Physician Recruiter306-933-6147
Click to ExpandCarolyn PetersenAssociate Physician Recruiter306-933-6447
Click to ExpandBrittany LavioletteCorporate Services Analyst306-933-5307

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