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       Saturday, March 24, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Highways and Infrastructure
Design and Construction Division
Central Region
Design and Construction
Mailing Address:
Unit #18 - 3603 Millar Avenue, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7P 0B2
Click to ExpandTracy DanielsonDirector306-933-6211
Click to ExpandRob BushmanSenior Project Manager306-933-5636
Click to ExpandMarc HerchakSenior Project Manager306-964-1782
Click to ExpandKelly PedersonSenior Project Manager306-933-5876
Click to ExpandVidya PrakashSenior Project Manager306-933-6780
Click to ExpandScott TivySenior Project Manager306-933-6220
Click to ExpandKarl LehmannSenior Project Manager306-933-5945
Click to ExpandFarouk BaraziProject Manager306-230-5260
Click to ExpandAdrien BlaisProject Manager306-933-5238
Click to ExpandGreg CayenProject Manager306-933-6107
Click to ExpandDaniel GorinProject Manager306-933-5366
Click to ExpandDan KanakProject Manager306-933-5967
Click to ExpandKaylea MorrisonProject Manager306-933-6234
Click to ExpandLuke WarkentinBridge Project Manager306-933-5197
Click to ExpandTrevor HousenEnvironmental Specialist306-933-5085
Click to ExpandHector BrassProject Supervisor306-933-5372
Click to ExpandDonny IronchildProject Supervisor306-229-5102
Click to ExpandAmanda KellerProject Supervisor306-933-6213
Click to ExpandBurgan KosmynkaProject Supervisor306-361-3818
Click to ExpandDon FilloRegional Design Specialist306-933-5281
Click to ExpandDaryl BookerSenior Project Technician306-220-4062
Click to ExpandSteve GibsonSenior Project Technician306-229-4842
Click to ExpandSeth OdiniSenior Project Technician306-220-1245
Click to ExpandJude RoseSenior Project Technician306-933-5944
Click to ExpandDustin BraatenEngineering Technician306-222-0924
Click to ExpandSylas ClarkEngineering Technician306-221-2032
Click to ExpandColton MoyseyEngineering Technician306-370-2656
Click to ExpandKevin BoucherAggregate Manager306-933-5189
Click to ExpandRuss MatthewsAssistant Aggregate Manager306-933-5899

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