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      Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Advanced Education
Sector Relations and Student Services
Student Services and Program Development Branch
Telephone Number:
Telephone Number:
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1120-2010 12th Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 0M3
Click to ExpandKirk WosminityActing Executive Director306-787-8064
Click to ExpandShari KrauseExecutive Co-ordinator306-787-0104
Click to ExpandAmy PetrovitchAdministrative Assistant306-787-4346
Click to ExpandWanda BillardAdministrative Assistant306-787-6148
Click to ExpandRené DescottesActing Director, Student Initiatives306-798-3859
Click to ExpandDaniel FortierSenior Program Analyst306-787-1802
Click to ExpandRobert HannaSenior Policy Analyst306-787-1936
Click to ExpandJo-Ann RobertSenior Program Analyst306-787-5810
Click to ExpandPhoebe De CimanDirector, Sector Program Development306-787-6261
Click to ExpandTyson MartinSenior Program Analyst306-787-5910
Click to ExpandCaz SebastianSenior Program Analyst306-787-5654
Click to ExpandNick DubéSenior Program Analyst306-787-5900
Click to ExpandDanelle ReissDirector, International Education306-787-9428
Click to ExpandTammy JonesSenior Program Analyst306-787-3283
Click to ExpandRose-Ann HamerDirector, Student Service Centre306-787-0692
Click to ExpandJoy BarthAssistant Director, Student Service Centre306-787-5686
Click to ExpandKimberly HadfieldManager, Student Services306-787-2081
Click to ExpandVanessa BeaudryStudent Services Representative306-787-3183
Click to ExpandMelissa ReederStudent Services Representative306-787-6356
Click to ExpandChris BourassaStudent Services Representative306-787-9336
Click to ExpandMounir EstefanosStudent Services Representative306-787-5326
Click to ExpandRaeghan GulkaStudent Services Representative306-787-3248
Click to ExpandJillian KrumenackerStudent Services Representative306-787-3250
Click to ExpandMaureen LosieStudent Services Representative306-787-0413
Click to ExpandBarbara MilosStudent Services Representative306-787-3777
Click to ExpandDanique SawdenStudent Services Representative306-787-8192
Click to ExpandHali TopinkaStudent Services Representative306-798-0311
Click to ExpandCarolyn WilsonStudent Services Representative306-787-9889
Click to ExpandJessica WyattBilingual Student Service Representative306-787-1899
Click to ExpandRhonda FosterProgram Delivery Support Officer306-787-6151
Click to ExpandSandra FayantProgram Delivery Support Officer306-787-5618
Click to ExpandAdam KuntzProgram Delivery Support Clerk306-798-3856
Click to ExpandShirley KnudsenProgram Delivery Support Clerk306-787-7777
Click to ExpandKaren LinderProgram Delivery Support Clerk306-787-7776

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