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       Monday, October 22, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Highways and Infrastructure
Design and Construction Division
Bridge Branch
Click to ExpandDoug HansenExecutive Director, Bridge Branch306-953-3503
Click to ExpandSteven GreierDirector, Design and Construction306-953-6225
Click to ExpandMD YousufSenior Project Manager306-953-3578
Click to ExpandRudaba ChowdhuryProject Manager306-953-3717
Click to ExpandJohn StapletonSenior Design Technician306-953-3527
Click to ExpandAllan HegedusSenior Project Manager306-787-7078
Click to ExpandDershan PatelProject Manager306-787-8232
Click to ExpandRory WillisSenior Project Manager306-787-9607
Click to ExpandAmy YuleBridge Permit Engineer306-787-4964
Click to ExpandAbdullah MovahedzadehProject Manager306-787-0111
Click to ExpandTom SongBridge Permit Engineer306-787-9872
Click to ExpandTiffany MohnsBridge Analyst306-787-2099
Click to ExpandBryan CarlsonProject Manager306-787-8533
Click to ExpandHoward YeaBridge Specialist306-787-4830
Click to ExpandJason LudwigDirector, Preservation306-933-5593
Click to ExpandAli ZaineddinBrdige Preservation Engineer306-787-4938
Click to ExpandTrevor WatsonBridge Inspector306-787-8648
Click to ExpandCurtis RichardsonBridge Inspector306-787-4944
Click to ExpandGlenn NovakBridge Crew Superintendant306-953-3525
Click to ExpandRaymond RatzlaffBridge Crew Supervisor306-648-8500
Click to ExpandCalder BrownCrane Operator306-953-3522
Click to ExpandMurray NakonechnyTrades Helper306-786-1687
Click to ExpandJoe PelltierTrades HelperNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandJayme MunroeTrades HelperNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandRaymond RatzlaffCrane Operator306-648-8500
Click to ExpandSulman AhmedSenior Project Manager306-933-6228
Click to ExpandTravis ShayBridge Preservation Engineer306-953-3687
Click to ExpandGreg AllanBridge Inspector306-953-2750
Click to ExpandGlen R TaylorBridge Inspector306-953-3512
Click to ExpandMarcus KoeberlinBridge Crew Superintendent306-961-1547
Click to ExpandCurtis YatcyshynCrane Operator306-961-3692
Click to ExpandStanley MorinTrades Helper306-961-3692
Click to ExpandBrent LafaverCrane Operator306-961-3692
Click to ExpandKeith JohnsonTrades Helper306-961-3692
Click to ExpandStewart MathiesonTrades Helper306-961-3692
Click to ExpandRandy KlamotTrades Helper306-961-3692
Click to ExpandDilan KardashTrades Helper306-961-3509

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