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      Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC)
Information Technology
Technical Services
Mailing Address:
484 Prince William Drive, Box 3000, Melville, SK, Canada, S0A 2P0
Click to ExpandGarth ErbachManager, Technical Services306-728-7264
Click to ExpandDevon TraubTeam Manager, Technical Support306-728-7427
Click to ExpandTrevor NovakSecurity Manager306-728-7532
Click to ExpandAshley WaldbauerTeam Manager, Desk Side Services306-728-0770
Click to ExpandAnubhav BhargavSenior Technical Analyst306-728-7265
Click to ExpandBrett NagySenior Technical Analyst306-728-0891
Click to ExpandJames StuartSenior Technical Analyst306-728-0794
Click to ExpandDevin MaddafordSenior Technical Analyst306-728-0858
Click to ExpandKyle MountneyTechnical Analyst306-728-0755
Click to ExpandKris OlsonTechnical Analyst306-728-0528
Click to ExpandDavid OryschakTechnical Analyst306-728-7457
Click to ExpandAlbert DuffService Desk Technician306-728-7477
Click to ExpandDianne SchneiderService Desk Technician306-728-7497
Click to ExpandAllyson ColemanData Centre Administrator306-728-7231
Click to ExpandConnie KeenData Centre Administrator306-728-7517
Click to ExpandDarryl SchneiderSevice Desk Technician306-728-0521

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