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      Friday, December 15, 2017
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Saskatchewan Government
Public Prosecutions
Prosecution District Offices
Saskatoon Prosecutions-PCB/TSC
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
220 19th Street E, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7K 2H6
Click to ExpandLarry DanylyshenTraffic Safety Prosecutor306-964-1659
Click to ExpandSue ForemanTraffic Safety Prosecutor306-933-5007
Click to ExpandLarry GilletteTraffic Safety Prosecutor306-933-8163
Click to ExpandCrystal FergusonOffice Supervisor306-933-8141
Click to ExpandCarla BourgetteLegal Administrative Assistant306-933-8141
Click to ExpandMichele HolfeldLegal Administrative Assistant306-933-6983
Click to ExpandJason KieferLegal Administrative Assistant306-933-8141
Click to ExpandSamantha NealeLegal Administrative Assistant306-933-8141
Click to ExpandCarla StevensonLegal Secretary306-933-8141
Click to ExpandLisa TahnLegal Administrative Assistant306-933-6983
Click to ExpandTara ZwozdeskyLegal Administrative Assistant306-933-6983

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