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    Thursday, February 22, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Community Safety and Well-Being
Access and Privacy Branch
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1510 - 1855 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 3T2
Click to ExpandAaron OrbanExecutive Director306-787-3316
Click to ExpandLori SabistonOffice Manager / Consultant306-798-0222
Click to ExpandCourtenay PhillipsLegal Policy Analyst306-798-0032
Click to ExpandAnita IngramDirector, Program Priorities and Strategic Alignment306-787-0391
Click to ExpandChantelle ProbeDirector, Access Privacy and Risk Management306-798-0334
Click to ExpandRecords Manager306-787-3886
Click to ExpandBonnie CavenRecords Manager306-798-3299
Click to ExpandLuke McWilliamsAccess and Privacy Consultant306-798-0446
Click to ExpandJennifer SquiresSupervisor, Access and Privacy306-787-9237
Click to ExpandPam HingstonRecords Management Officer306-798-4165
Click to ExpandDonna McKerracherRecords Management Officer306-798-1056
Click to ExpandAccess to Information Coordinator306-798-8064
Click to ExpandMarlene BoyceAccess to Information Coordinator306-798-8067
Click to ExpandJessica FoxAccess to Information Coordinator306-798-0220
Click to ExpandAmanda KitzulAccess to Information Coordinator306-798-0056
Click to ExpandAdministrative Assistant306-798-4159

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