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      Monday, December 17, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC)
Corporate Services
Mailing Address:
Physical Address:
Head Office, Box 3000, Melville, SK, Canada, S0A 2P0
484 Prince William Drive,
Click to ExpandTerri Kentel-WeinheimerVice President306-728-7287
Click to ExpandTammy StevensonExecutive Assistant306-728-7560
Click to ExpandMarion FirbyManager, Central Support306-728-7592
Click to ExpandLinda SenykManager, Business Services306-728-7293
Click to ExpandAmy LoveridgeBusiness Analyst306-728-0564
Click to ExpandMicheal OtasanyaBusiness Analyst306-728-7259
Click to ExpandSandeep ShankarappaBusinesss Analyst306-728-0706
Click to ExpandMyles BroadbentProject Manager306-728-0887
Click to ExpandCharlotte PoierProject Manager306-728-7443
Click to ExpandDenise DobkoCommunication Consultant306-728-7434
Click to ExpandTessa KrofchekCommunication Consultant306-728-7239
Click to ExpandMicaela ThompsonCommunications Consultant306-728-0415
Click to ExpandWhitney TreasureCommunication Consultant306-728-7589
Click to ExpandJill AmundrudPurchasing Officer306-728-7250
Click to ExpandSusanne GlaicarAdministrative Support Clerk, Central Support306-728-7232
Click to ExpandHailey GraffAdministrative Support Clerk, Central Support306-728-7466
Click to ExpandKrista HouleAdministrative Support Clerk, Central Support306-728-0531
Click to ExpandKeysha JansenAdministrative Support Clerk, Central Support306-728-7253
Click to ExpandTeNeil LudwarAdministrative Support Clerk, Central Support306-728-7224
Click to ExpandShannon SchickAdministrative Support Clerk, Central Support306-728-7256
Human Resources

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