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      Friday, December 14, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Crown Corporations
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720, 1855 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 3T2
Click to ExpandKyle ToffanPresident & CEO306-798-8015
Click to ExpandMichelle SieffertExecutive Assistant306-798-8014
Click to ExpandLisa DanylukDirector, Strategy & Engagement306-798-4465
Click to ExpandGreg LuskAssistant Vice President, Priority Saskatchewan306-798-1229
Click to ExpandTerry MattiesAdministrative Assistant306-798-4475
Click to ExpandReg HowardDirector, Procurement Modernization306-798-4466
Click to ExpandJim MabeeDirector, Supplier Development306-798-4462
Click to ExpandLes HandfordDirector, Strategic Management306-798-1209
Click to ExpandBrett BakerDirector, Procurement Policy Development306-798-8016
Click to ExpandTeresa FlorizoneVice President of Corporate Service & CFO306-798-1228
Click to ExpandSharon LejeuneAdministrative Assistant306-798-8017
Click to ExpandJill ZimmerPrincipal Project Director306-798-1678
Click to ExpandKaren CossittProject Director306-798-4474
Click to ExpandBrett ButlerAssociate Project Director306-798-4463
Click to ExpandMiguel MorrissetteExecutive Director, Capital Planning & Infrastructure306-798-1677
Click to ExpandSara NicholsDirector, Capital Planning & Strategy306-798-1235
Click to ExpandJeffrey MacDonaldDirector, Capital Planning & Infrastructure306-798-8021
Click to ExpandJodie ZerrSenior Infrastructure Analyst306-798-1285
Click to ExpandSilvia KotevaAnalyst306-798-4468
Click to ExpandGinikachi UgwuegbuAnalyst306-798-4467
Click to ExpandAlicyn MillerDirector, Corporate Services306-798-9902
Click to ExpandRob IsbisterDirector, Corporate Projects306-798-4464
Click to ExpandRon DedmanAdvisor306-798-4469
Minister Responsible for SaskBuilds

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