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       Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Saskatchewan Government
Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Saskatchewan Municipal Board (SMB)--SMB
Telephone Number:
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480 - 2151 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 2H8
Click to ExpandHon. Donna HarpauerMinister306-787-6100
Click to ExpandDianne FordChair306-787-7989
Click to ExpandVacantVice-Chair306-787-6163
Click to ExpandLaurie FuhroExecutive Assistant306-787-6244
Click to ExpandLorna CottendenFull-time Board Member306-787-6223
Click to ExpandJohn EberlFull-time Board Member306-787-6228
Click to ExpandLise GareauDirector306-787-2644
Click to ExpandKris PenneteDirector306-798-0995
Click to ExpandJessica SentesDirector306-787-6227
Click to ExpandJessica GlasserResearch Analyst306-787-2658
Click to ExpandVacantFinancial Analyst306-787-6230
Click to ExpandJocelyn FraserAdministrative Assistant306-787-6222
Click to ExpandDebbie GryschukAdministrative Assistant306-787-6229
Click to ExpandLinda SlatfordAdministrative Assistant306-787-7904
Assessment Appeals Committee
Fire Prevention Appeals Committee
Local Government Committee
Municipal Boundary Committee
Noxious Weeds Committee
Planning Appeals Committee
Road Maintenance Agreement Committee

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