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       Sunday, October 21, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC)
Information Technology
Application Systems
Mailing Address:
484 Prince William Drive, Box 3000, Melville, SK, Canada, S0A 2P0
Click to ExpandDenis EmondManager, Application Systems306-728-7280
Click to ExpandConnie HonanSupervisor, Software Development306-728-7285
Click to ExpandMohammed AktaruzzamannSystems Analyst306-728-0709
Click to ExpandNicole BonnerSystems Analyst306-728-7594
Click to ExpandTao DongSystems Analyst306-728-7296
Click to ExpandEva GriemannSystems Analyst306-728-7239
Click to ExpandChord HaaseSystems Analyst306-728-0881
Click to ExpandJeneesh KurianSystems Analyst306-728-7201
Click to ExpandBrenda LisowaySystems Analyst306-728-0524
Click to ExpandMatt LucasSystems Analyst306-728-7291
Click to ExpandBerta MedeirosSupervisor, Quality Assurance306-728-7534
Click to ExpandRoy EllertQualtiy Assurance Analyst306-728-7286
Click to ExpandLeanne KorchinskiQuality Assurance Analyst1-866-270-8450
Click to ExpandJudy MannQuality Assurance Analyst306-728-7436
Click to ExpandFarooq MohammadQuality Assurance Analyst306-728-7283
Click to ExpandBhoomi PatelQuality Assurance Analyst306-728-0885
Click to ExpandDelphine PetoQuality Assurance Analyst306-728-0547

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