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       Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Public Service Commission (PSC)
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5th Floor, 2100 Broad Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 1Y5
Click to ExpandDale DanielsExecutive Director306-536-1389
Click to ExpandSimone ShepherdExecutive Coordinator306-531-9165
Click to ExpandBrenda SymondsSenior Compensation Consultant306-347-8788
Click to ExpandPeggy AtkinsonCompensation Consultant306-347-8745
Click to ExpandCurtis KishManager & Senior Classification Consultant306-520-4906
Click to ExpandJanice KulcsarSenior Classification Consultant306-526-8427
Click to ExpandSteve LaschukSenior Classification Consultant306-531-3405
Click to ExpandDave BarberClassification Consultant306-520-3740
Click to ExpandJennifer ChiddentonClassification Consultant306-519-5804
Click to ExpandDoralyn HeinrichsClassification Consultant306-533-6598
Click to ExpandOlu IkomiClassification Consultant306-526-7410
Click to ExpandAndrew MastersClassification Consultant306-529-5403
Click to ExpandMorin ArongSenior Project Consultant306-520-3776
Click to ExpandColleen ParkerSenior Workforce Planner306-347-8772
Click to ExpandKaren BischopHR Generalist306-347-8764

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