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      Friday, February 23, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Crown Corporations
Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
Regulatory Services Division
Client Services Branch
Mailing Address:
2500 Victoria Avenue, Box 5054, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 3M3
Click to ExpandDirectorDirector306-933-5998
Click to ExpandBonnie LebelSecretary306-933-5997
Click to ExpandDoug SchneiderSenior Accredited Steward/Judge306-933-5996
Click to ExpandMargo TuttJunior Accredited Steward/Judge306-933-5997
Click to ExpandZorka ScrimshawJunior Accredited Steward/Judge306-933-5566
Click to ExpandMatthew RitcoManager, Investigations & Security (Regina)306-787-1896
Click to ExpandMike DennettInspector306-531-7390
Click to ExpandScott TondevoldInspector306-535-7618
Click to ExpandPatsy EllingsonInspector306-535-5344
Click to ExpandDarryl RideoutManager, Investigations & Security (Saskatoon)306-933-7530
Click to ExpandDavid KozickiInspector306-280-5449
Click to ExpandShaun PunterInspector306-221-9865
Click to ExpandAndrew GradkowskiInspector306-381-8001
Click to ExpandDarrell MorrisonInspector306-270-6610

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