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        Thursday, July 19, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Crown Corporations
eHealth Saskatchewan
Culture, Collaboration and Innovation
Resources, Business Analyst, Clinical Informatics and Project Managers
Mailing Address:
2130 11th Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 0J5
Click to ExpandRoxane EberleDirector, Resources, Business Analyst, Clinical Informatics and Project Managers306-337-0694
Click to ExpandJeff RudichukProject Manager306-337-0688
Click to ExpandJessie SinghAnalyst - Business306-337-0953
Click to ExpandGary SmithAnalyst - Business306-337-0950
Click to ExpandAmanda SnellAnalyst - Business306-337-0959
Click to ExpandFaisal Tanveer (on LOA)Analyst - BusinessNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandJennifer TessierAnalyst - Business306-337-5074
Click to ExpandCody TremblayAnalyst - Business306-337-5545
Click to ExpandAdetunji AderojuAnalyst - Jr. Business306-337-1768
Click to ExpandTrent AndreasAnalyst - Business306-337-5523
Click to ExpandMillie BallanAnalyst - Business306-337-5592
Click to ExpandRobert BenhamAnalyst - Business306-337-0610
Click to ExpandGordon BlackmoreAnalyst - Business306-337-0690
Click to ExpandCassey ClarkAnalyst - Jr. Business306-337-0606
Click to ExpandBeverly (Lynn) CrookAnalyst - Business306-337-0692
Click to ExpandDiane L. DolneySr. Business Analyst306-337-5256
Click to ExpandMichaela GabelAnalyst - Business306-337-5559
Click to ExpandSean GeddesAnalyst - Business306-337-5076
Click to ExpandMyrna HovindAnalyst - Business306-337-5462
Click to ExpandMuhammad JamilAnalyst - Business306-337-5477
Click to ExpandCrystal JonesAnalyst - Business306-337-5599
Click to ExpandJennifer JordonAnalyst - Business306-337-5470
Click to ExpandLorraine KonechnyAnalyst - Business306-337-5012
Click to ExpandLorraine LittlemoreAnalyst - Business306-337-5487
Click to ExpandSherri NagelAnalyst - Business306-337-1775
Click to ExpandLuke NicholsAnalyst - Business306-337-5015
Click to ExpandRick PannellAnalyst - Business306-337-0603
Click to ExpandVincent PoliquinAnalyst - Business306-337-5595
Click to ExpandSyed RizviAnalyst - Business306-337-5269
Click to ExpandJoseph DeasonAnalyst - Business (Telehealth) Saskatoon306-337
Click to ExpandRaheel JamilAnalyst - Business, Metadata & Data Quality306-337-5029
Click to ExpandMark FidelakClinical Informatics SpecialistNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandKailey RicheBusiness Analyst306-337-5585

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