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      Sunday, February 18, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission
Regina Head Office
Telephone Number:
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2140 Hamilton Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 2E3
Click to ExpandJeff RitterChief Executive Officer306-787-2209
Click to ExpandShaun AugustinChief Financial Officer306-787-3965
Click to ExpandLoreena SpilstedChief Operating Officer306-787-2440
Click to ExpandSherry MorcomExecutive Administrator306-787-2209
Click to ExpandAndrea UlrichExecutive Assistant306-787-0668
Click to ExpandDesiree MorrisonAdministrative Secretary306-787-2439
Click to ExpandChristina HeraufDirector, Financial Operations306-787-2157
Click to ExpandDawn StangerDirector of Governance, Policy and Research306-787-0123
Click to ExpandChelsea CoupalDirector, Communications and Marketing306-787-0187
Click to ExpandAudrey Wolf-KaminskiCommunications and Marketing Manager306-787-5284
Click to ExpandChristopher PepinPolicy Analyst/Research Officer306-787-4293
Click to ExpandKathy FiedelleckProgram Consultant306-787-0954
Click to ExpandCindy ColeTraining Administrator306-787-3956
Click to ExpandRhonda EnvikManager, Training, Program and Systems Support306-787-2448
Click to ExpandCarol BeneshBusiness Analyst306-787-2375
Click to ExpandKurt AnthonyConsultant306-787-7396
Click to ExpandKen DobrowolskiConsultant306-787-4738
Click to ExpandDerrick KempConsultant306-787-5184
Click to ExpandMaggie RexAccounting and Payroll Supervisor306-787-1767
Click to ExpandGlenda JasperTraining Allowance Co-ordinator306-787-2442
Click to ExpandGary HoumphanFinancial Assistant306-787-6066
Click to ExpandJanise LussierTraining and Financial Assistant306-787-4866
Click to ExpandJordan CopePersonnel and Accounting Clerk306-798-0176
Click to ExpandKristin ZerrPersonnel and Accounting Clerk306-798-0176
Click to ExpandLouise WrobelAllowance Assessor Assistant306-787-5906
Click to ExpandMelody BurzminskiManager of Assessment306-787-5996
Click to ExpandTracey FehrAssessment Coordinator306-787-2754
Click to ExpandShannon FoxAssessment Coordinator306-787-5553
Click to ExpandStephanie HeidtAssessment Coordinator306-787-7614
Click to ExpandCrystal ZarownyTrades Assessment Coordinator306-787-2317
Click to ExpandSandra KingTraining Co-ordinator Supervisor306-787-3234
Click to ExpandColleen DuffyTraining Coordinator306-787-7395
Click to ExpandEllen GereinTraining Co-ordinator306-787-2447
Click to ExpandBev MohrTraining Co-ordinator306-787-0211
Click to ExpandDawn RidgwayTraining Co-ordinator306-787-2779
Click to ExpandChantelle ShewchukTraining Coordinator306-787-2449
Click to ExpandKristin ZerrTraining Coordinator306-787-4857
Click to ExpandTara AbstreiterExamination, Certification and Upgrading Co-ordinator306-787-9873
Click to ExpandGail MontgomeryExamination, Certification and Upgrading Co-ordinator306-787-2343
Click to ExpandTamara SentesYouth Apprenticeship and Communications Admin Coordinator306-787-2368
Click to ExpandCarol RoussinClient Services Representative306-787-5108
Click to ExpandCathy DummerClient Services Representative306-787-6483

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