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     Saturday, October 20, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Public Employees Benefits Agency (PEBA)
Pension Programs
Municipal Employees' Pension Plan (MEPP)
Telephone Number:
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Mailing Address:
1000 - 1801 Hamilton Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4W3
Click to ExpandKevin SockettManager306-787-5354
Click to ExpandKim StevensonAssistant Manager306-787-8751
Click to ExpandDawn JonesMember Services Supervisor306-787-2668
Click to ExpandDebby ParksMember Accounts Supervisor306-787-6903
Click to ExpandTausha CulbertJunior Pension Information Officer306-787-0048
Click to ExpandJames DeckJunior Pension Information Officer306-798-0201
Click to ExpandErnest DoricicOperations Support Coordinator306-787-9676
Click to ExpandKrystal FlattPenison Information Officer306-787-4090
Click to ExpandSabrina FisherPension Information Officer306-787-8284
Click to ExpandCheryle GienPension Information Officer306-787-2507
Click to ExpandDarlene GlowaCustomer Focus Co-ordinator306-798-2353
Click to ExpandRosalund LabergePension Information OfficerNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandJessica LloydJunior Pension Information Officer306-787-0079
Click to ExpandMichelle LovePension Information Officer306-798-1433
Click to ExpandRosario MarcelinoPension Information Officer306-787-2529
Click to ExpandMason NovakJunior Pension Information Officer306-798-0548
Click to ExpandCindy PetersonPension Information Officer306-798-0182
Click to ExpandKeith PrattJunior Pension Information Officer306-787-3374
Click to ExpandLei RavascoJunior Pension Information Officer306-787-4676
Click to ExpandKaren ThorburnPension Information Officer306-787-0332
Click to ExpandKaren WahlPurchase of Service Clerk306-787-6915

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