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      Monday, December 10, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (SHRC)
Saskatoon Office
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Sturdy Stone Building, 122 3rd Avenue N, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7K 2H6
Click to ExpandThe Hon. Judge David M. ArnotChief Commissioner306-933-5952
Click to ExpandNorma Gunningham-KapphahnExecutive Director306-933-8284
Click to ExpandJocelyn Putland WiebeDirector of Resolution306-933-8291
Click to ExpandDarrell SeibDirector of Systemic Initiatives306-933-8281
Click to ExpandScott NewellSenior Staff Lawyer306-933-8282
Click to ExpandShade AdeagboIntake Consultant306-933-5058
Click to ExpandNicole HataleyIntake Consultant306-933-5002
Click to ExpandPaula Jane RemlingerIntake Consultant306-933-8272
Click to ExpandNicole RimmerIntake Consultant306-933-8266
Click to ExpandKen TruongIntake Consultant306-933-8286
Click to ExpandTomilola AdebiyiInvestigator306-933-8290
Click to ExpandRobin BurlinghamInvestigator306-933-5952
Click to ExpandLewanna DubrayInvestigator / Facilitator306-933-8280
Click to ExpandAndrea HalsteadInvestigator306-933-0118
Click to ExpandAndy LivingstonInvestigator / Facilitator306-933-5952
Click to ExpandSheena McCallionInvestigator306-933-8256
Click to ExpandRobin MowatInvestigator306-933-8274
Click to ExpandAmjad MurabitInvestigator306-933-5024
Click to ExpandDavid KatzmanMediator306-933-8252
Click to ExpandClint PedersonMediator306-933-5954
Click to ExpandCarol RiekmanMediator306-933-8287
Click to ExpandJulian BodnarMediator/Lawyer306-933-5952
Click to ExpandAdam NorthLawyer306-933-8005
Click to ExpandMeghan SeidleLawyer306-933-8283
Click to ExpandAdam HawboldtPublic Relations and Media Specialist306-933-5022
Click to ExpandDianne JonesLegal Assistant306-933-8288
Click to ExpandKaren MateriCommission Assistant306-933-8273
Click to ExpandConnie WindeckerAdministrative Assistant306-933-5952
Click to ExpandAndrea PapouchesAdministrative Assistant306-933-8285

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