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       Monday, October 22, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Crown Corporations
eHealth Saskatchewan
Strategy, Quality and Risk Management
Information and Analytic Services
Data Quality
Mailing Address:
2130 11th Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 0J5
Click to ExpandIan FallasManager, Data Quality306-337-1759
Click to ExpandRoxanne BaldwinLead - Data Quality306-337-5516
Click to ExpandBrandi DawnAdministrator - Data Quality306-337-1766
Click to ExpandLinda FlamanAdministrator - Data Quality306-337-5499
Click to ExpandAidan HeadAdministrator - Data Quality306-337-5254
Click to ExpandMegan TompkinsAdministrator - Data Quality306-337-5065
Click to ExpandJoyce MartinsonAdministrator - Data Quality306-337-5017
Click to ExpandNilupul FernandoAdministrator - Data Quality306-337-0950
Click to ExpandMin KimAdministrator - Data Quality306-337-5218
Click to ExpandAlyssa StasuikAdministrator - Data Quality306-337-5553
Click to ExpandMichelle UlmerAdministrator - Data Quality306-337-5018
Click to ExpandJason WrightAdministrator - Data Quality306-337-6605

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