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       Monday, October 22, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Revenue Division
Audit Branch
Regina Audit Office
306-798-3045 note- 3rd Floor Fax
306-787-7063 note- 6th Floor Fax
Mailing Address:
Physical Address:
Physical Address:
PO Box 200, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 2Z6
3rd Floor, 2350 Albert St, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4A6
6th Floor, 2350 Albert St, Regin, SK, Canada, S4P 4A6
Click to ExpandKellie AshouAuditor306-787-7012
Click to ExpandStephanie BarkwayAuditor306-787-1565
Click to ExpandShaunessey BeriaultAuditor306-787-9814
Click to ExpandBrad CarlsonAuditor306-787-9837
Click to ExpandEfraim ConventoAuditor306-787-2515
Click to ExpandChelsie CoxfordAuditor306-787-6631
Click to ExpandLinda CunninghamAudit Clerk306-787-8494
Click to ExpandAllen ElaschukFuel/Tobacco-Auditor306-787-0392
Click to ExpandYvonne GallantTax Information Officer306-798-2421
Click to ExpandChad GodlienSupervisor, Fuel/Tobacco306-787-6184
Click to ExpandEric GreenAuditor306-787-9857
Click to ExpandJames HansonAuditor306-787-7289
Click to ExpandKerry HearnSupervisor306-787-2228
Click to ExpandTyson HoedelA/Supervisor306-787-1795
Click to ExpandAaron HoimyrFuel/Tobacco Auditor306-787-1813
Click to ExpandDennis HowseA/Supervisor306-787-4854
Click to ExpandChristina HusbandFuel/Tobacco-First Nation Program306-787-9860
Click to ExpandDierdre JubyFuel/Tobacco-Auditor306-787-1302
Click to ExpandNathan KressManager306-787-2690
Click to ExpandMichael LitzenbergerAuditor306-787-6654
Click to ExpandJizinge MwelaSenior Business Auditor306-787-4203
Click to ExpandTara NieAuditor306-787-9815
Click to ExpandErin NortonAuditor306-787-1169
Click to ExpandDuane OomsSupervisor306-787-7676
Click to ExpandLawrence PengCo-op Student306-787-7750
Click to ExpandAimee Penner-MayohFuel/Tobacco Auditor306-787-1330
Click to ExpandMashfiq RahmanAuditor306-787-0536
Click to ExpandJonathan ReichAuditor306-787-3063
Click to ExpandKim RobinsonBusiness Auditor306-787-1168
Click to ExpandBeth RussellFuel Auditor306-787-1250
Click to ExpandAnja RuzicAuditor306-787-7756
Click to ExpandJennifer SkuseJunior Auditor306-787-0588
Click to ExpandNikita SolisAuditor306-787-9851
Click to ExpandSteve StremickSupervisor306-787-7751
Click to ExpandJoseph WhittleAuditor306-787-7690
Click to ExpandTaylor WutkeAuditor306-787-0541
Click to ExpandCarter LockhartFuel/Tobacco Audit Clerk306-787-7681

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