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       Friday, October 19, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Crown Corporations
Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
Corporate Services and Gaming Operations Division
Information Technology Branch
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
2500 Victoria Avenue, Box 5054, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 3M3
Click to ExpandService Desk Inquiry Line306-787-8181
Click to ExpandKathy JonesDirector, Information Technology306-787-7005
Click to ExpandJason KulykArchitecture Manager306-787-1132
Click to ExpandDerek SchumannIT Security Architect306-787-1793
Click to ExpandBrendan YanoSolution ArchitectNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandDaniel EschApplication Manager306-787-9731
Click to ExpandStephen GomersallApplication Supervisor306-787-7018
Click to ExpandNancy SnellBusiness Analyst306-787-1179
Click to ExpandDawn ButtazoniProgrammer AnalystNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandNathan AndersonSystems Lead306-787-3877
Click to ExpandProgrammer AnalystProgrammer Analyst306-798-0443
Click to ExpandVacantService Supervisor306-787-8419
Click to ExpandRicky SumProgrammer Lead306-787-5044
Click to ExpandDale MillerSystems Lead306-787-1467
Click to ExpandDonnette SwabyProgrammer AnalystNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandManjula ThirunavukkarasuProgrammer AnalystNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandJane VentocillaProgrammer AnalystNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandTara VentocillaProgrammer AnalystNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandRod PetrinchukTechnical Manager306-798-4033
Click to ExpandLisa St. DenisSupport Supervisor306-787-8272
Click to ExpandCameron SchmidtTechnical Lead306-787-8821
Click to ExpandCorey HuppTechnical Analyst306-798-2215
Click to ExpandDebby NelsonService Desk Lead306-787-1792
Click to ExpandMichelle HornungService Desk Analyst306-787-4182
Click to ExpandDerek TannerService Desk Analyst306-787-4182
Click to ExpandKal PatelService Desk Analyst306-787-0946
Click to ExpandRandy DeckService Desk Analyst306-787-1781
Click to ExpandRyan OkerstromTechnical Supervisor306-787-1177
Click to ExpandDean MuzTechnical Lead306-798-2215
Click to ExpandClare PurdyTechnical Lead306-787-1121
Click to ExpandDuanne NumrichDatabase Administrator306-787-1974
Click to ExpandWade MuzDatabase Administrator306-787-1974
Click to ExpandAlfred ChenTechnical Analyst306-798-6084
Click to ExpandSlava MatkovskyTechnical Analyst306-787-5151
Click to ExpandZimani KondwaniTechnical Analyst306-787-8668

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