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      Monday, December 17, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Crown Corporations
Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI)
Customer & Distribution Strategy
Mailing Address:
2260 11th Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 0J9
Click to ExpandCari DonaldsonVice President, Customer Insights, Experience and Distribution306-751-1260
Click to ExpandPattie GibsonSenior Director, Digital Strategy & Delivery306-751-1599
Click to ExpandAaron SeidlerDirector, Digital Experience306-751-1627
Click to ExpandLana JordanSenior Director, Broker Business Devemlopment Strategy306-751-1515
Click to ExpandCraig Cann F.C.I.P.Director, Broker Partnerships (SK)306-751-1816
Click to ExpandDiana DillonDirector, Customer Experience Delivery306-775-6242
Click to ExpandJason NystromDirector, Customer Experience Delivery306-775-6693
Click to ExpandMarlin WebsterDirector, Customer Experience Delivery306-775-6695
Click to ExpandLeanne LugtManager, Broker Programs & Admin306-751-1640
Click to ExpandBert DelgatyManager, Customer Experience Delivery Support306-775-6694
Click to ExpandBev TastadManager, Customer Experience Delivery Support306-775-6130
Click to ExpandRobert MackManager, Customer eServices306-751-3467
Click to ExpandJamie GarciaManager, Customer Insights306-751-1708

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