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         Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Government Relations
Emergency Management and Fire Safety
Emergency Management and Fire Safety - Prince Albert Office
Toll Free (Saskatchewan Only):
Mailing Address:
Physical Address:
Physical Address:
P.O. Box 3003, Prince Albert, SK, Canada, S6V 6G1
47 12th Street East, Prince Albert, SK, Canada, S6V 1B3
151-15th Street N.W., Prince Albert, SK, Canada, S6V 4Y9
Click to ExpandFire Loss Reporting (Saskatchewan Only)1-800-739-3473
Click to ExpandHoward GeorgesonDeputy Commissioner, Director PPSTN/Logistics306-953-3691
Click to ExpandJordi BrahamFacilities Manager of Operations306-953-3397
Click to ExpandMike FraserManager, Technical Support306-953-3446
Click to ExpandMurray GunvilleManager, Technical Services306-953-4292
Click to ExpandMichelle OuelletteManager, Operations - Prov-ECC306-953-4982
Click to ExpandLinda BjorkAssistant Manager, Prov. ECC306-953-4285
Click to ExpandLorri RobbinsSupervisor, Technical306-953-3637
Click to ExpandDot BegrandSupervisor, Platoon - Prov - ECC306-961-0176
Click to ExpandChloe KapacilaSupervisor, Platoon - Prov - ECC306-941-9977
Click to ExpandDonna SarrazinSupervisor, Platoon - Prov - ECC306-940-6044
Click to ExpandJulie WildeySupervisor, Platoon - Prov - ECC306-960-4795
Click to ExpandLyle EvansSupervisor, Shop306-930-8074
Click to ExpandRandy BacklundEmergency Services Officer, Planning306-980-6833
Click to ExpandDuane HiebertEmergency Services Officer306-960-9376
Click to ExpandBrent KrayetskiEmergency Services Officer306-961-1496
Click to ExpandJeanette KrayetskiEmergency Services Officer306-940-8146
Click to ExpandKeri RollesEmergency Services Officer, Logistics306-930-8305
Click to ExpandSterling SwitzerEmergency Services Officer306-930-8726
Click to ExpandBridget WitkowskiEmergency Services Officer306-953-4293
Click to ExpandDan McKayTeam Commander, Rapid Response306-960-8301
Click to ExpandLandon AdamsTeam Member, Rapid Response306-941-9140
Click to ExpandTerin BerkachTeam Member, Rapid Response306-940-7564
Click to ExpandGarett EhrTeam Member, Rapid Response306-930-8674
Click to ExpandTyler HarrisonTeam Member, Rapid Response306-930-9471
Click to ExpandZach MartinTeam Member, Rapid Response306-940-7029
Click to ExpandJennifer ReimerTeam Member, Rapid Response306-941-9053
Click to ExpandJarrett TrumierRapid Responder306-941-7132
Click to ExpandSilke TurnerTeam Lead, GIS306-960-9684
Click to ExpandThomas GowenTechnician, GIS306-953-4636
Click to ExpandHeather WilsonTechnician, GIS306-940-6773
Click to ExpandJoey HolbirdTeam Lead, Technical Services306-953-4889
Click to ExpandNusaira AnjumTechnician, Radio306-940-9780
Click to ExpandChristopher DelisleTechnician, Radio306-930-9384
Click to ExpandMichael ConeTechnician, PC Support306-953-4261
Click to ExpandCindy GalemaTraining Coordinator306-953-4267
Click to ExpandBob NortheyOperations Readiness Coordinator, Logistics306-930-8719
Click to ExpandJason BurtIT Technical Analyst306-953-4339
Click to ExpandBarrett DittburnerApplication Analyst306-765-4002
Click to ExpandWaseem UllahApplication Analyst306-953-4345
Click to ExpandMac VickersBusiness Analyst306-953-4225
Click to ExpandAaron McKayClient Services Officer306-765-4003
Click to ExpandLarry ZadvornyClient Services Officer306-953-4950
Click to ExpandKevin SchneiderElectronics Technologist306-940-7503
Click to ExpandRebecka RobertsData Integrity Clerk306-765-4001
Click to ExpandCynthia MamerCivic Addressing Administrator306-953-4260
Click to ExpandBonnie LonghurstHelp Desk Supervisor306-953-3479
Click to ExpandVicky LeAdministrative Assistant306-953-3763
Click to ExpandMary GendronAdministrative Assistant306-953-3793
Click to ExpandShelby GilmourHelpdesk Analyst1-844-407-0077
Click to ExpandJenn JohnsonHelpdesk Analyst1-844-407-0077
Click to ExpandCharlene McKayHelpdesk/Data Integrity Clerk1-844-407-0077

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