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  Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Social Services
Income Assistance Programs
Income Assistance Program and Service Design
Program Effectiveness
Click to ExpandJoy VanstoneDirector, Program Effectiveness306-787-7318
Click to ExpandCory SchermannManager, Financial Operations306-787-9598
Click to ExpandTanjot KaurProgram Analyst306-787-3241
Click to ExpandJosette DouglasProgram Analyst306-787-3229
Click to ExpandSteve KeyserFinancial Analyst306-787-3675
Click to ExpandShelly DanielsFinancial Analyst306-787-3355
Click to ExpandJennifer StonehamPredictive Analytics Consultant306-787-6472
Click to ExpandDana ParisienAnalyst, Research & Information Management306-787-5746
Click to ExpandSophie GaudetConsultant, Program Effectiveness306-787-3026
Click to ExpandNatalia FuentesConsultant, Financial Operations306-787-3898
Click to ExpandNikia KosterConsultant, Predictive Analytics306-787-2717
Click to ExpandDanielle O'byrneConsultant, Client and Stakeholder Relations306-787-0677
Click to ExpandKemi MeduConsultant, Predictive Analytics306-787-3445
Click to ExpandBrandee MurdochConsultant, Client and Stakeholder Relations306-787-3790
Click to ExpandCredell Simeon(REBE) Consultant306-798-0471
Click to ExpandShokoufa ToukhiConsultant306-787-6414

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