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     Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Central Services
Commercial Services Division
Central Vehicle Agency (CVA)
Telephone Number:
Toll Free:
Mailing Address:
500 McLeod Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4N 4Y1
Click to ExpandDerek CollinsDirector306-798-7103
Click to ExpandShelly FergusonAdministration Manager306-787-4426
Click to ExpandKaren KostiukAccounts Payable Supervisor306-787-8683
Click to ExpandGisa ReedData Supervisor306-787-6986
Click to ExpandMonica Flores IbarraFleet Operations, Vehicle Acquisitions & Disposal Manager306-798-1122
Click to ExpandJudy ShoreBusiness Operations Administrator306-798-0600
Click to ExpandElsie HagenAccounts Payable Clerk306-787-2876
Click to ExpandStephanie KressAdministrative Assistant306-787-6901
Click to ExpandLyndon SchmulandDistance Reporting Clerk306-787-6907
Click to ExpandRob HembroffFinancial Manager306-787-0869
Click to ExpandVanessa RitchieLicense/Transfer/Ticket/Credit Card Clerk306-787-6909
Click to ExpandErnie GelowiczFleet Service Consultant306-787-2079
Click to ExpandWayne HooperFleet Service Consultant306-787-2364
Click to ExpandDavid ZornFleet Service Consultant306-787-2040
Click to ExpandDarren GebhardtAccident Clerk306-787-5085
Click to ExpandAl NikishPool Supervisor306-787-2041
Click to ExpandMartin CorcoranTrades Helper/Pool Operator306-787-2041
Click to ExpandRobin SidhuTrades Helper/Pool Operator306-787-2041
Click to ExpandRandy SigmethTrades Helper306-787-7593
Click to ExpandSaskSurplus: www.SaskSurplus.caSaskSurplus, Vehicle and Equipment Sales306-787-2062
Click to ExpandCommunity Donations: www.CommunityDonations.caCommunity Donations Program306-787-2062
Click to ExpandVictor ZimmerDisposal Manager / SaskSurplus, Community Donations Programs306-798-3300
Click to ExpandJanine McKnightSaskSurplus Consultant306-787-2238
Click to ExpandLorne WolfeSales Lot Attendant / SaskSurplus, Community Donations Programs306-787-2062
Click to ExpandCVA Pool Depot: 500 McLeod Street306-787-2041

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