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     Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Lands Branch
Saskatchewan Pastures Program
Community Pastures - Northeast Region
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
Physical Address:
Box 1480, Tisdale, SK, Canada, S0E 1T0
1105 99th Street
Click to ExpandIan ArnoldActing Northeast Regional Manager306-878-8815
Click to ExpandRoss WesnoskiNortheast Pasture Technician306-878-8819
Click to ExpandRon ReidBarrier Lake / Marean Lake Pasture Manager (Porcupine Plain)306-278-3506
Click to ExpandBryce YoungBertwell Pasture Manager (Porcupine Plain)306-278-3502
Click to ExpandLee HolbrookBig River / Jackson Lake Pasture Manager (Big River)306-469-2511
Click to ExpandAlan TomynCrooked River / Mistatim Pasture Manager (Bjorkdale)306-886-5201
Click to ExpandVirgil KieferCrystal Springs Pasture Acting Manager (Crystal Springs)306-749-7341
Click to ExpandStuart DanbergCookson Pasture Manager (Shellbrook)306-747-4251
Click to ExpandDarryl FriesenDonlands/Smoky Burn Pasture Manager (Carrot River)306-768-1221
Click to ExpandShawn FosterLady Lake Pasture Manager (Norquay)306-547-5675
Click to ExpandDavid HarmonPathlow Pasture Manager (St. Brieux)306-920-9050
Click to ExpandDon WilliamsPleasantdale Pasture Manager (Lac Vert)306-874-8620
Click to ExpandBraden BernierSmeaton Pasture Manager (Melfort)306-426-7400
Click to ExpandGord FriesenSwan Plain Pasture Manager (Norquay)306-594-4206
Click to ExpandRod AbrahamsonWhitebeech Pasture Manager (Arran)306-594-4242
Click to ExpandCharles MeszarosRosthern-St. Julien Pasture Manager (St. Benedict)306-233-4989
Click to ExpandWayne LoeppkyWingard Pasture Manager (Duck Lake)639-212-7030
Click to ExpandVivian StishenkoAgreement Coordinator306-446-7987

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