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         Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Crown Corporations
eHealth Saskatchewan
Information Technology
Network & Data
Mailing Address:
2130 11th Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 0J5
Click to ExpandJoseph PyleLead - Severs306-337-0674
Click to ExpandRyan BrittnerServer Queue Analyst306-337-5581
Click to ExpandMitch DraudeAnalyst - Infrastructure III306-337-0675
Click to ExpandDerek FreiAnalyst - Infrastructure III306-337-5555
Click to ExpandJason FreiAnalyst - Server306-337-1787
Click to ExpandRini GhattiAnalyst - Infrastructure II306-337-5577
Click to ExpandMark HumphreysAnalyst - Server306-337-0661
Click to ExpandValerie LestageServer Support306-337-0629
Click to ExpandGreg MannAnalyst - Server306-337-0676
Click to ExpandNick MartinAnalyst - Infrastructure II306-337-0968
Click to ExpandGrant MckinnonAnalyst - Server306-337-5496
Click to ExpandYonatan MichaelWorkstation Analyst306-337-0981
Click to ExpandRandy PappAnalyst - Server306-337-1771
Click to ExpandSpencer PawliwAnalyst - Infrastructure II306-337-5460
Click to ExpandMike PetersonAnalyst - Server (Consultant)306-337-0636
Click to ExpandJessica RustAnalyst - IT Apps306-337-0649
Click to ExpandPaul SelingerAnalyst - Infrastructure II306-337-5016
Click to ExpandRandal ThacykAnalyst - Infrastructure II306-337-5052
Click to ExpandMichael ShevchukAnalyst - Server306-337-0672
Click to ExpandRod YauckAnalyst - Server306-337-0679

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