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         Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Minerals, Lands and Resource Policy Division
Saskatchewan Geological Survey
Petroleum Geology (LAB)
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
201 Dewdney Avenue East, Regina, SK, Canada, S4N 4G3
Click to ExpandMelinda YurkowskiAssistant Chief Geologist306-787-0650
Click to ExpandTammy AlbertAdministrative Assistant306-787-1393
Click to ExpandRichard WoodAdministrative Assistant306-787-2621
Click to ExpandJeff CoolicanResearch Petroleum Geologist306-787-2482
Click to ExpandMurray StadnykResearch Petroleum Geologist306-787-0189
Click to ExpandVacantPetroleum Research Geologist306-787-6116
Click to ExpandJessica FlynnPetroleum Research Geologist306-787-0169
Click to ExpandPeter HillPetroleum Research Geologist306-787-0651
Click to ExpandGavin JensenPetroleum Research Geologist306-787-2577
Click to ExpandDan KohlrussPetroleum Research Geologist306-787-9104
Click to ExpandArden MarshPetroleum Research Geologist306-787-7085
Click to ExpandChao YangPetroleum Research Geologist306-787-2625
Click to ExpandAndrew MorleyPetroleum Research Geologist306-798-4412
Click to ExpandMichael NelsonPetroleum Research Engineer306-798-4414

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