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      Monday, December 10, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Public Service Commission (PSC)
Centres of Excellence
Organizational Development
Mailing Address:
2nd Floor, 2350 Albert Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4A6
Click to ExpandSherry BohayExecutive Director306-798-8019
Click to ExpandDianna MallowExecutive Coordinator306-787-8479
Click to ExpandVacantSenior Organizational Development Consultant306-787-6071
Click to ExpandShanna BossSenior Organizational Development Consultant306-787-6077
Click to ExpandAudrey HainesSenior Organizational Development Consultant306-787-6529
Click to ExpandKendra LaHayeSenior Organizational Development Consultant306-787-7141
Click to ExpandJoella MooreSenior Organizational Development Consultant306-787-7109
Click to ExpandCandace SazynskiSenior Organizational Development Consultant306-798-4137
Click to ExpandDenise TochorSenior Organizational Development Consultant306-787-1501
Click to ExpandKelly TunisonSenior Organizational Development Consultant306-787-9409
Click to ExpandAmy DeibertSenior Organizational Development Consultant306-787-2648
Click to ExpandAllison MahussierOrganizational Development Consultant306-787-7478
Click to ExpandPauline YangOrganizational Development Consultant306-787-1176
Click to ExpandAdisa OmanovicHR Generalist306-787-7544

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