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       Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Public Prosecutions
Prosecution District Offices
Prince Albert Prosecutions
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
Physical Address:
Box 3003, Prince Albert, SK, Canada, S6V 6G1
1061 Central Avenue
Click to ExpandCameron ScottRegional Crown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandJohn MorrallAssociate Regional Crown306-953-2204
Click to ExpandCynthia AlexanderSenior Crown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandKeith AmyotteSenior Crown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandFran AtkinsonSenior Crown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandShawn BlackmanSenior Crown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandGail DouglasSenior Crown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandCatherine GagnonSenior Crown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandMaureen LongworthSenior Crown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandJeff LubykSenior Crown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandJohn SyrnickSenior Crown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandElizabeth AddaborCrown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandKristen HubbardCrown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandLinh LeCrown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandTyrel TaylorCrown Prosecutor306-953-2204
Click to ExpandMegan EllisOffice Manager306-953-2204
Click to ExpandSarah BestLegal Administrative Assistant306-953-2204
Click to ExpandAmy CazaresLegal Administrative Assistant306-953-2204
Click to ExpandCorlee KnodelLegal Administrative Assistant306-953-2204
Click to ExpandLinda SteeleLegal Administrative Assistant306-953-2204
Click to ExpandMelanie ToporowskiLegal Administrative Assistant306-953-2204
Click to ExpandGarmai SzatkowskiLegal Administrative Assistant306-953-2204
Click to ExpandSeena RoyLegal Administrative Assistant306-953-2204
Click to ExpandJessica ZelenskyLegal Administrative Assistant306-953-2204
Click to ExpandMarcie KlassenLegal Administrative Assistant306-953-2204
Click to ExpandHannah AbramykLegal Administrative Assistant306-953-2204

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