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    Saturday, February 24, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Workers' Compensation Board
WCB Alphabeticals S - Z
Mailing Address:
200 - 1881 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4L1
Click to ExpandKaren Schauenberg306-787-4672
Click to ExpandShelley Schenher306-787-2360
Click to ExpandSharon Schewaga306-787-4050
Click to ExpandKatarina SchmidtDocument Processing Clerk306-787-0238
Click to ExpandJessica Schnell306-787-3286
Click to ExpandJustin Schwark306-787-4869
Click to ExpandLisa Scutchings306-787-7885
Click to ExpandBarb Sereda306-787-4511
Click to ExpandShalane Shackleton306-787-7431
Click to ExpandMadeline Sheridan306-787-3266
Click to ExpandJason Shook306-787-5551
Click to ExpandJohn Slykhuis306-787-2427
Click to ExpandSherry Smith306-787-6916
Click to ExpandWing Lok SooTechnical Service Delivery Manager306-787-8339
Click to ExpandMartha Sparvier306-787-4418
Click to ExpandDoug Splett306-787-4421
Click to ExpandRhonda Stark306-787-4401
Click to ExpandLaverne Straub306-787-8769
Click to ExpandSharon Symonds306-787-0584
Click to ExpandKen Syrnyk306-787-1248
Click to ExpandAnnie Tang306-787-4648
Click to ExpandLana Thompson-Van Eaton306-787-2112
Click to ExpandNatasha Tremblay306-787-8776
Click to ExpandKirsten Tsechelidis306-787-9224
Click to ExpandBrian Turlock306-787-4062
Click to ExpandCorey Uhren306-787-7314
Click to ExpandWanda Uhren306-787-0839
Click to ExpandAnne Uleryk306-787-8298
Click to ExpandTeresa Uleryk306-787-3844
Click to ExpandTanya Ulmer306-787-4391
Click to ExpandMarianne Vanderleest306-787-4540
Click to ExpandLindsay Verhelst306-787-3896
Click to ExpandMonica Vibert306-787-9170
Click to ExpandSandra Viczko306-787-9174
Click to ExpandHa Vo306-787-2361
Click to ExpandKham VongPhit306-787-5074
Click to ExpandPhouthala VongPhit306-787-5101
Click to ExpandChau Vuong306-787-3320
Click to ExpandDebbie Wallace306-787-5554
Click to ExpandAline Warnecke306-787-4164
Click to ExpandCarson Warner306-787-4231
Click to ExpandJames Wei306-787-5270
Click to ExpandKim Weichel306-787-4654
Click to ExpandStephanie Weisbrod306-787-4389
Click to ExpandChris Wickenheiser306-787-7407
Click to ExpandGerda Wildenboer306-787-4435
Click to ExpandMelissa Williamson306-787-0055
Click to ExpandLorelei Willis306-787-7436
Click to ExpandDawn Wilson306-787-9449
Click to ExpandAnita Wolbaum306-787-1027
Click to ExpandVictoria Woroniak306-787-9271
Click to ExpandSherry Yasinski-Smith306-787-7879
Click to ExpandElaine Zaba306-787-4698
Click to ExpandJason Zhang306-787-7597
Click to ExpandKevin Zhu306-787-4087
Click to ExpandChristina Zinger306-787-1863
Click to ExpandTara AddisonCase Management Team Leader SE306-787-7046
Click to ExpandLeah Sapp306-787-4396
Click to ExpandElaine Schmalz306-787-2128
Click to ExpandJaymi Schmidt306-787-5595
Click to ExpandJared Schwark306-787-4064
Click to ExpandPratik Shah306-787-1086
Click to ExpandCristina Silva306-787-5434
Click to ExpandAdit Singh306-787-4510
Click to ExpandRana Singh306-787-7092
Click to ExpandMatthew Skaiki306-787-5565
Click to ExpandDustin Small306-787-8111
Click to ExpandBreanna Smith306-787-4164
Click to ExpandBreanna Smith306-787-4164
Click to ExpandJenny StrongeaglePayment Coordinator306-787-8776
Click to ExpandJodi Tatlow-Kuntz306-787-1866
Click to ExpandKailey Turner306-787-9517
Click to ExpandKailey Turner306-787-0023
Click to ExpandSara Tysseland306-787-0287
Click to ExpandLana Ulmer306-787-7250
Click to ExpandAaron Ursaki306-787-7241
Click to ExpandAmber Van Parys306-787-8770
Click to ExpandMelissa Vuckovic306-787-1883
Click to ExpandMitchell Wakelam306-787-4510
Click to ExpandTara Wang306-787-4428
Click to ExpandTara Wang306-787-0233
Click to ExpandColby Wasyliw306-787-6936
Click to ExpandKelly Watson306-787-4475
Click to ExpandBlaine Weimer306-787-2022
Click to ExpandSamantha Wenger306-787-4459
Click to ExpandSharlene White306-787-4447
Click to ExpandEillsh Whitmore306-787-6923
Click to ExpandCody Wiese306-787-4510
Click to ExpandMelissa Williamson306-787
Click to ExpandRose Wilson306-787-1714
Click to ExpandYvonne Woensdregt306-787-4283
Click to ExpandNaomi Woods-Henry306-787-1279
Click to ExpandYing Xu306-787-4455
Click to ExpandKrystal Yaehne306-787-7929
Click to ExpandRobyn Zaritzky306-787-0095
Click to ExpandMegan Zurowski306-787-4399
Click to ExpandMichelle Zyla306-787-4400

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