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      Monday, December 17, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Independent Offices
Advocate for Children and Youth--ACY
Telephone Number:
Toll Free (Saskatchewan Only):
Mailing Address:
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500-350 3rd Ave N, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7K 6G7
Click to ExpandCorey O'SoupAdvocate for Children and Youth306-933-6700
Click to ExpandWanda GeorgeExecutive Administrative Assistant306-933-6706
Click to ExpandLeeann PalmerAssociate Advocate306-933-6700
Click to ExpandJoanne DenisAdvocate306-933-6700
Click to ExpandJamie GegnerAdvocate306-933-6700
Click to ExpandDarren HubickAdvocate306-933-6700
Click to ExpandMeredith NewmanAdvocate306-933-6700
Click to ExpandJacki PetersAdvocate306-933-6700
Click to ExpandCheryl StarrAdvocate306-933-6700
Click to ExpandMarcia SteuartAdvocate306-933-6700
Click to ExpandLisa BrodaDeputy Advocate306-933-6700
Click to ExpandConnie BraunInvestigator306-933-6700
Click to ExpandMarci MacomberInvestigator306-933-6700
Click to ExpandKaren TopolinskiInvestigator306-933-6700
Click to ExpandDan HarderCommunications Coordinator306-933-6700
Click to ExpandKelli ThomsonCommunications Coordinator306-933-6700
Click to ExpandBernie RodierDirector of Administration306-933-6705
Click to ExpandCaroline SookocheffAdministration Supervisor306-933-6044
Click to ExpandMichelle BeattieAdministrative Assistant306-933-6700
Click to ExpandCheryl HeneghanAdministrative Assistant306-933-6700
Click to ExpandKara HowarthAdminisrative Assistant306-933-6700

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