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          Monday, June 25, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
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Client Services
Mailing Address:
2130 11th Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 0J5
Click to ExpandArron TaylorDirector, Client Services306-337-5453
Click to ExpandDuane HamiltonTeam Lead Service Desk306-337-5275
Click to ExpandDerek KwanLead - Workstation306-337-5596
Click to ExpandHumna AliAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-6649
Click to ExpandLeslie AutonAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-1774
Click to ExpandAdrienne BlanshardAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-6626
Click to ExpandMark DabaoAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-0645
Click to ExpandJaleesa DmytrowAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-5286
Click to ExpandLydia DunnAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-6633
Click to ExpandSri HanmantharaopetAnalyst, Service Desk (Co-op Student)306-337-6642
Click to ExpandPaige KowalskiAnalyst, Service Desk (Coop Student)306-337-6646
Click to ExpandEvan KraftAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-1755
Click to ExpandMartin LiAnalyst, Service Desk (Coop Student)306-337-6636
Click to ExpandSandeep LohithakshanAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-0598
Click to ExpandHayden MatchettAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-0992
Click to ExpandMargo McGeoughAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-0600
Click to ExpandDanica NavarroAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-0644
Click to ExpandJeff PaidelAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-5282
Click to ExpandMichael SchultzAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-5491
Click to ExpandAniket SharmaAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-1776
Click to ExpandRadhika SharmaAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-5285
Click to ExpandKaranvir SinghAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-6634
Click to ExpandSatinder SinghAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-0625
Click to ExpandKenneth SmithAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-1779
Click to ExpandQuinn SteppAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-5520
Click to ExpandStevin TurcotteAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-5295
Click to ExpandBrent WilsonAnalyst, Service Desk306-337-1781
Click to ExpandAdam ChomosService Desk Trainer306-337-5066
Click to ExpandJeff BissAnalyst - Escalations306-337-1756
Click to ExpandBrian CannonAnalyst - Escalations306-337-0600
Click to ExpandMichael HancockAnalyst - Escalations306-337-5472
Click to ExpandNorine JanzenAnalyst - Escalations306-337-5495
Click to ExpandBrian SparkAnalyst - Escalations306-337-5494
Click to ExpandKirsty JewsburyAnalyst - Knowledge306-337-5014
Click to ExpandChristina (Tina) NeudorfAnalyst - Knowledge306-337-5552
Click to ExpandChas SinghAnalyst, Service Desk (Coop Student)306-337-6635
Click to ExpandHarkaran SinghAnalyst, Service Desk (Co-op Student)306-337-6616

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