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       Thursday, March 21, 2019
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Community Care Branch
Research, Evaluation & Central Support
Mailing Address:
1st Floor, 3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4S 6X6
Click to ExpandHeather MurrayDirector306-787-3236
Click to ExpandElizabeth FiesselAdministrative Assistant306-787-3479
Click to ExpandKealee PlayfordConsultant306-787-1719
Click to ExpandElaine HalvorsenConsultant306-787-7764
Click to ExpandvacantResearch Officer306-798-2570
Click to ExpandLaurie WeimanProject Lead306-787-1455
Click to ExpandMichele CairnsABI Provincial Co-ordinator306-787-6949
Click to ExpandKelly FroehlichABI Prevention and Education Co-ordinator306-787-0802
Click to ExpandChris PepinResearch Officer306-787-0525
Click to ExpandRosalinde SandoffMDS/RUGS Consultant306-787-1717
Click to ExpandLeanne FischerProject Consultant306-787-4094
Click to ExpandAndrea SackvieResearcher306-787-3770
Click to ExpandResearcherResearch Officer306-787-6794

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