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      Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Parks, Culture and Sport
Parks Division
Visitor Experiences Branch
Telephone Number:
Toll Free (Saskatchewan Only):
Mailing Address:
1st Floor, 3211 Albert Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4S 5W6
Click to ExpandLarry SchiefnerExecutive Director306-798-3308
Click to ExpandJennifer BayerPark Program Coordinator Central Region306-814-7497
Click to ExpandAlison NagyPark Program Coordinator South West Region306-741-5106
Click to ExpandJeanine SinghMarketing Specialist and SE Program Coordinator306-787-2862
Click to ExpandMinh TruongDirector - Park Experiences306-787-7826
Click to ExpandDeanna JacobsDirector - Visitor Experiences and Public Programming306-787-7621
Click to ExpandDesiree RevetAdministrative Assistant306-787-7031
Click to ExpandNicole McLoughlinManager of Visitor Experience and Public Programming Unit306-787-9571
Click to ExpandDenise ColemanVisitor Services Specialist306-787-8969
Click to ExpandLillian NeillyPark Program Coordinator North West Region306-236-7682
Click to ExpandBrittany MateriBusiness Analyst306-787-1360
Click to ExpandJoe MilliganRecreation/Interpretive Specialist306-787-8199
Click to ExpandKarla ReevesCustomer Relations Specialist306-787-2785
Click to ExpandLeah LuciukPark Program Coordinator North East Region306-230-8901

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