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     Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Information Management and Support
Student and Educator Services
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1st Floor, 2220 College Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4V9
Click to ExpandShelley LowesRegistrar and Director306-787-6039
Click to ExpandChelsea WegmanSenior Administrative Assistant306-787-5920
Click to ExpandSherry TaylorAccounting Supervisor306-787-1221
Click to ExpandMichelle Burant EppAssistant Registrar306-787-1024
Click to ExpandKris StorleEvaluations and Awards306-787-1025
Click to ExpandBonnie StecykBusiness Systems Analyst306-798-2151
Click to ExpandSherry StauchJunior Business Analyst306-798-1887
Click to ExpandHeidi WongJunior Business Analyst306-787-6099
Click to ExpandKerry BillJunior Business Analyst306-787-1098
Click to ExpandCheryl StephenSupervisor, Student Services/ Accreditation Officer306-787-6081
Click to ExpandAmanda McKayStudent Services Support Desk306-787-8320
Click to ExpandKatie HendersonStudent Services Support Desk306-787-8319
Click to ExpandVacantStudent Services Support desk306-787-1091
Click to ExpandJixun ChangStudent Records Clerk306-787-9525
Click to ExpandLeslie HergottStudent Records Clerk306-787-3803
Click to ExpandCharline FleuryStudent Services Field Coordinator-Consultant306-477-4414
Click to ExpandKaren HendersonSector Support Consultant306-787-5592
Click to ExpandKeith ZimmermanMail/Shipper Receiver Clerk306-787-7950
Click to ExpandStudent Services Support Desk306-787-6012

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