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      Monday, December 17, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Legal Aid Saskatchewan
The Battlefords Area Office
Telephone Number:
Toll Free:
Mailing Address:
Main Floor, Provincial Building, L103 1192 102nd Street, North Battleford, SK, Canada, S9A 1E9
Click to ExpandJanice Lawrence, Q.C.Area Legal Director306-446-7700
Click to ExpandDon MacKinnonStaff Solicitor306-446-7700
Click to ExpandCameron SchmunkStaff Solicitor306-446-7700
Click to ExpandWill ArcherStaff Solicitor306-446-7700
Click to ExpandAndrew LysterStaff Solicitor306-446-7700
Click to ExpandJonathan BodvarsonStaff Solicitor306-446-7700
Click to ExpandChristina AbbottStaff Solicitor306-446-7700
Click to ExpandSharon BernierAdministrative Assistant306-446-7700
Click to ExpandJanice HoffartAdministrative Assistant306-446-7700
Click to ExpandMelissa BohseAdministrative Assistant306-446-7700
Click to ExpandBelinda HaliskyAdministrative Assistant306-446-7700

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