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      Monday, December 10, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Government Relations
Northern Municipal Services
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Physical Address:
Box 5000, La Ronge, SK, Canada, S0J 1L0
Room 2700, Mistasinihk Place, 1328 La Ronge Avenue
Click to ExpandBrad HenryExecutive Director306-425-4322
Click to ExpandHasan AkhtarManager, Northern Municipal Administration306-425-4325
Click to ExpandKen KowalczykManager, Financial Services306-425-4328
Click to ExpandDee JohnsNorthern District Planner306-425-6642
Click to ExpandValerie AntoniukNorthern Municipal Advisor306-425-4323
Click to ExpandSandra GalambosNorthern Municipal Advisor306-425-4321
Click to ExpandErik TrenouthCommunity Planner306-869-6850
Click to ExpandKathryn MenzAccounting Advisor306-425-4329
Click to ExpandAshley SchertzingAccounting Clerk306-425-4335
Click to ExpandHeather BernardinCommunity Planner306-425-4352
Northern Municipal Services - Buffalo Narrows
Northern Municipal Services - Regina

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