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        Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Central Services
Commercial Services Division
Air Ambulance Services
Toll Free:
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
Hangar 17 Wayne Hicks Lane, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7L 6S2
Click to ExpandJim ThompsonDirector306-385-2157
Click to ExpandRyan ParkChief Pilot306-385-2156
Click to ExpandJeff EgelandCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandIan GilchristCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandDan KnisleyTraining Pilot306-385-2158
Click to ExpandSteven MarckoskiCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandNathan McLeanCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandHerb McLeodCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandJason MooreCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandJamie ThieleCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandSteve FlegelCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandDerek FordFirst Officer306-385-2160
Click to ExpandByron HermansonCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandPaul HeuchertCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandMurray LoudenFirst Officer306-385-2160
Click to ExpandEvan McCauleyFirst Officer306-385-2160
Click to ExpandCorey RyhorskiCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandBrian ShawFirst Officer306-385-2160
Click to ExpandLee BazylakAircraft Maintenance Engineer306-385-2164
Click to ExpandWarren BoothAircraft Maintenance Engineer306-385-2164
Click to ExpandTim SawatzkyAircraft Maintenance Engineer306-385-2164
Click to ExpandJohn WilsonAircraft Maintenance Engineer306-385-2164
Click to ExpandCalvin BlonkeProduction Manager306-385-2165
Click to ExpandBrad FriesenMaintenance Manager306-385-2166
Click to ExpandSherry BuchartStores306-385-2163
Click to ExpandAustin BarmbyFirst Officer306-385-2160
Click to ExpandJoel BelleroseFirst Officer306-385-2160
Click to ExpandJeff DeanCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandJason GirouxCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandKent HamiltonRegulatory Compliance Manager306-385-2158
Click to ExpandBrent HarroldFirst Officer306-385-2160
Click to ExpandTerry HolowachCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandFontas KarasCaptain306-385-2160
Click to ExpandTammy KulykFirst Officer306-385-2160
Click to ExpandGavin MassongFirst Officer306-385-2160
Click to ExpandSheldon MillerFirst Officer306-385-2160
Click to ExpandJody NeufeldAdministrative Assistant306-385-2180
Click to ExpandTanys ScheelhasseTechnical Records306-385-2164
Click to ExpandCarly St OngeFirst Officer306-385-2160

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