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    Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Innovation Division
Public Guardian and Trustee
Telephone Number:
Toll Free:
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100 - 1871 Smith Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4W4
Click to ExpandRod CrookPublic Guardian and Trustee306-787-5427
Click to ExpandCarolyn DeckerDeputy Public Guardian and Trustee306-787-7958
Click to ExpandDanni SingerExecutive Coordinator306-787-8274
Click to ExpandSandra BobykSenior Crown Counsel306-787-2174
Click to ExpandCharlene LaFleur-GrahamSenior Crown Counsel306-787-1536
Click to ExpandCheryl RempelSupervisor, Adult Services306-787-5431
Click to ExpandErin Claussen-LockertTrust Officer, Inquiries, Investigations and Monitoring306-787-3472
Click to ExpandKim BernerTrust Officer, Adult Services306-787-5688
Click to ExpandChristine BrownTrust Officer, Adult Services306-787-4118
Click to ExpandCathy FangTrust Officer, Adult Services306-787-5348
Click to ExpandKyla GwilliamTrust Officer, Adult Services306-787-5430
Click to ExpandNicole HaiderTrust Officer, Adult Services306-787-5369
Click to ExpandMichelle HeintzTrust Officer, Adult Services306-787-2724
Click to ExpandJaclyn HurdTrust Officer, Adult Services306-787-8372
Click to ExpandCharlene MakelkiTrust Officer, Adult Services306-787-8745
Click to ExpandJennifer StrosheinTrust Officer, Adult Services306-787-5324
Click to ExpandNicole AntoineAssistant Trust Officer, Adult Services306-787-5441
Click to ExpandMarsha DeBoltAssistant Trust Officer, Adult Services306-787-3318
Click to ExpandAmy HolzapfelAssistant Trust Officer, Adult Services306-787-5425
Click to ExpandErin WeismillerSupervisor, Estate Services306-787-3325
Click to ExpandMaxine AndersenTrust Officer, Estate Services306-787-5443
Click to ExpandRowena Collins-HuberTrust Officer, Estate Services306-787-5761
Click to ExpandLaurie GrahamTrust Officer, Estate Services306-787-5887
Click to ExpandTracey LangfordTrust Officer, Estate Services306-787-5885
Click to ExpandBonnie WasylukTrust Officer, Estate Services306-787-9596
Click to ExpandSandra YauckTrust Officer, Estate Services306-787-5200
Click to ExpandKaren HansonAssistant Trust Officer, Estate Services306-787-0033
Click to ExpandJanet WilsonAssistant Trust Officer, Estate Services306-787-5338
Click to ExpandTina WinshipAssistant Trust Officer, Estate Services306-787-5426
Click to ExpandLisa NokinskySupervisor, Children Services306-787-8366
Click to ExpandMelissa WinderTrust Officer, Estate Services & Children Services306-787-6087
Click to ExpandKorelye FriesenAssistant Trust Officer, Children Services306-787-5678
Click to ExpandRoberta HozempaAssistant Trust Officer306-787-4548
Click to ExpandFran PredigerTrust Officer306-787-8373
Click to ExpandBrad GurashChief Financial and Operating Officer306-787-5425
Click to ExpandBeverly BouvierAsset Administration306-787-9009
Click to ExpandSheila MathesonSystem Administrator/Accountant306-787-4014
Click to ExpandFaye MintzlerInvestigator306-787-7920
Click to ExpandLisa KissnerFinancial Assistant306-787-5432
Click to ExpandBarrett KuntzFinancial Assistant306-787-8371
Click to ExpandBarry LorenczFinancial Assistant306-787-7432
Click to ExpandJanine RussellAccounting Trust Officer306-787-0176
Click to ExpandMary-Elizabeth WilkesAccountant306-787-1677
Click to ExpandSaralea DessertInquiry Expert306-787-5424
Click to ExpandKelsey BouchardInquiry Expert/Financial Assistant306-787-7580

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