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      Friday, December 14, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Social Services
Disability Programs
Program and Service Design - Disability Programs
Disability Services Program Design and Operational Policy
Mailing Address:
1920 Broad Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 3V6
Click to ExpandBen OrrDirector, Program Design And Operational Policy306-787-2963
Click to ExpandChris GriffinConsultant, Program Design and Operational Policy306-787-8503
Click to ExpandJodi Harvey-RaymondConsultant, Program Design and Operational Policy306-787-2788
Click to ExpandRene DescottesConsultant306-787-1294
Click to ExpandRyan MangConsultant306-787-1154
Click to ExpandJoanna PopescuConsultant306-787-9569
Click to ExpandKrista SchmidtConsultant, Program Design & Operational Policy306-787-9185
Click to ExpandSarah Van HoutenConsultant306-798-1569
Click to ExpandMurray WallConsultant, Program Design & Operational Policy306-787-4160

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