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      Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Advanced Education
Sector Relations and Student Services
Universities and Private Vocational Schools
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
1120-2010 12th Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 0M3
Click to ExpandAnn LorenzenExecutive Director306-787-2267
Click to ExpandGaylene BacheluExecutive Coordinator306-787-7381
Click to ExpandBrent BrownleeDirector, Universities306-787-7027
Click to ExpandMichèle Birns HahnDirector, Quality Assurance and Private Vocational Schools306-787-2984
Click to ExpandPatti BatemanSenior Policy Analyst306-787-1782
Click to ExpandTammy JonesSenior Policy Analyst306-787-2720
Click to ExpandJason McKenzieSenior Compliance Officer306-787-5003
Click to ExpandRobin AdeneyAnalyst306-787-9207
Click to ExpandCrystal WallerAnalyst306-787-4532
Click to ExpandJoe HindleyInstitutions Analyst306-787-5664
Click to ExpandAlexandra FosterInstitutions Analyst306-966-6878
Click to ExpandNatasha KikotInstitutions Analyst306-787-9874
Click to ExpandOleksandra SakhnoOperational Support Analyst306-787-6093
Click to ExpandDarlene GrayAdministrative Assistant306-787-5763
Click to ExpandGrace ZhangAdministrative Assistant306-787-9723

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