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        Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Workers' Compensation Board
WCB Alphabeticals A - F
Mailing Address:
200 - 1881 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4L1
Click to ExpandAnahita Danandeh306-787-0830
Click to ExpandAMBER ROUSSIN306-787
Click to ExpandBrenda Abday306-787-7929
Click to ExpandLynn Ackerman306-787-4467
Click to ExpandImtiyaz Ahmed306-787-4404
Click to ExpandRobin Ait-ouffroukh306-787-9718
Click to ExpandLeandra Alarcon306-787-4443
Click to ExpandAmy Allain306-787-7866
Click to ExpandBeth Antoshkiw306-933-6939
Click to ExpandCarole Ash306-787-0084
Click to ExpandSwati Attri306-798-1610
Click to ExpandLori Bachart306-787-1820
Click to ExpandSandie Bartlett306-787-1865
Click to ExpandTracy Bashforth306-787-4268
Click to ExpandKathy Basnicki306-787-5232
Click to ExpandDevin Bebeau306-787-4747
Click to ExpandDemi BenjoeEmployer Service Support306-787-9517
Click to ExpandAmber Bitz306-787-4724
Click to ExpandSam Blair306-787-4405
Click to ExpandHeather Boers306-787-4041
Click to ExpandCandace Boghean306-787-6487
Click to ExpandKathie Boha306-787-9092
Click to ExpandLynn Bourgeois306-787-6590
Click to ExpandSharon Braconnier306-787-4380
Click to ExpandKaren Bratushesky306-787-7845
Click to ExpandTanya Buchinski306-787-9707
Click to ExpandLorie Burkowski306-787-8779
Click to ExpandAlex Campbell306-787-1570
Click to ExpandSundanie Chitolie306-787-1864
Click to ExpandTaya Christidis306-787-6593
Click to ExpandRobin Clark306-787-7245
Click to ExpandLorena Collins306-787-5483
Click to ExpandErika Cooper306-787-7268
Click to ExpandRyan Coulthard306-787-8592
Click to ExpandMichelle Criddle306-787-7418
Click to ExpandKim Culbert306-787-7102
Click to ExpandAngela Cull306-787-4410
Click to ExpandDustin Curtis306-787-1803
Click to ExpandPaul Daniel306-787-4404
Click to ExpandLinda Derkach306-787-4125
Click to ExpandErin Dimond306-787-7761
Click to ExpandLeslie Dunlop306-787-5964
Click to ExpandValerie Dutchak306-787-1821
Click to ExpandMauro D'Uva306-787-8497
Click to ExpandRichard Edwards306-787-0911
Click to ExpandJacey Elgear306-787-3083
Click to ExpandLaurie Ell306-787-1791
Click to ExpandDan Elliott306-787-8780
Click to ExpandLiane FafardQuality Measurement Admin Asst306-787-4339
Click to ExpandGillian Farrell306-787-6923
Click to ExpandKim Fedyk306-787-9218
Click to ExpandChris Fitz-Gerald306-787-5975
Click to ExpandJohn Floros306-787-4433
Click to ExpandNicole Friesen306-787-5261
Click to ExpandCatherine Fuchs306-787-4342
Click to ExpandDalip MatharuAdministrative Support306-787
Click to ExpandTyson Corbin306-787-7438
Click to ExpandHasin Abrar306-798-1086
Click to ExpandJenna Ackerman306-787-4398
Click to ExpandDawn Agecoutay306-787-7878
Click to ExpandAftab Ahmad306-787-3666
Click to ExpandEdith Asemota306-787-4316
Click to ExpandWendy Bachmann306-787-4324
Click to ExpandKatrina BalangaPolicy Analyst306-787-0168
Click to ExpandAna Brcic306-787-9227
Click to ExpandWarren Butt306-787-7573
Click to ExpandClaude BwankaDirector, Process Improvement and Admin306-787-4406
Click to ExpandApril Cannon306-787-9482
Click to ExpandTim Chapman306-787-8593
Click to ExpandCarrie Davies306-787-4803
Click to ExpandJennylyn Elpa306-787-7243
Click to ExpandJeanine Epp306-787-6298
Click to ExpandCassie Eskra306-787-0233
Click to ExpandJamie Espinosa306-787-4414
Click to ExpandLucia Fiacco306-787-4408
Click to ExpandAjay Fidler306-787-1050
Click to ExpandDerek Field306-787-4510
Click to ExpandCarli Frischholz306-787-4283
Click to ExpandMaja Komadina306-787-7093
Click to ExpandCathie Mohr306-787-6962

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