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      Monday, November 19, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Social Services
South Service Area
Regina Service Centre
Child Welfare
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
2045 Broad Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 3T7
Click to ExpandCarrie BavleService Manager306-787-5208
Click to ExpandTina CarterChange Lead - Flexible Response306-787-9191
Click to ExpandKynan KindoppService Manager306-787-0607
Click to ExpandTerri KorchinskiA/Service Manager306-787-3751
Click to ExpandSalim OtisoA/Service Manager306-787-0192
Click to ExpandDonna YathonService Manager306-787-4469
Click to ExpandBrenda YaworskiA/Service Manager306-787-3540
Click to ExpandCam FyvieStaffing Coordinator306-787-5035
Click to ExpandJillian SmithChild Protection A/Supervisor306-787-3483
Click to ExpandAli FodorChild Protection Assistant Supervisor306-519-3820
Click to ExpandAshley CreaserChild Protection Worker306-787-3754
Click to ExpandLeah DimenChild Protection Worker306-787-3837
Click to ExpandTennille DobsonChild Protection Worker306-787-3983
Click to ExpandDanielle HuberdeauChild Protection Worker306-787-3689
Click to ExpandKaela Van De SypeChild Protection Worker306-787-3838
Click to ExpandMandi WoodrowCase Aide306-798-2304
Click to ExpandChantelle KuntzChild Protection Supervisor306-787-4135
Click to ExpandRandi HorvathChild Protection Assistant Supervisor306-787-7891
Click to ExpandStephanie EdwardsChild Protection Worker306-787-3763
Click to ExpandDanielle HintzChild Protection Worker306-787-7340
Click to ExpandMatt JacobsChild Protection Worker306-787-5827
Click to ExpandSammy-Jo KruskyCase Aide306-787-6432
Click to ExpandTanya LittlewolfeChild Protection Worker306-787-2548
Click to ExpandKelly ShackletonChild Protection Worker306-787-4281
Click to ExpandTressa TurnerChild Protection Worker306-787-9809
Click to ExpandAshley YoungChild Protection Supervisor306-787-8816
Click to ExpandChelsey DoroshChild Protection Assistant Supervisor306-787-3767
Click to ExpandAshley ChicoineChild Protection Worker306-787-3912
Click to ExpandCatherine GibbsChild Protection Worker306-787-9105
Click to ExpandCaitlin GuyChild Protection Worker306-787-3753
Click to ExpandCatlin JohnsonChild Protection Worker306-787-1819
Click to ExpandJeff KnoblauchCase Aide306-787-1328
Click to ExpandMegan PelhamSummer Student306-787-0112
Click to ExpandIsrael RungeChild Protection Worker306-787-3830
Click to ExpandAshley RussillChild Protection Worker306-787-3830
Click to ExpandTaylor SmithChild Protection Worker306-787-5301
Click to ExpandBecky WalkerChild Protection Worker306-787-6106
Click to ExpandLesley KitschChild Protection Supervisor306-787-3824
Click to ExpandKim CampbellChild Protection Assistant Supervisor306-787-3918
Click to ExpandArjun AdhikariChild Protection Worker306-787-3742
Click to ExpandApril BakkeChild Protection Worker306-787-3730
Click to ExpandVanessa FaragoCase Aide306-787-3722
Click to ExpandJeanine HacklStudent306-787-2179
Click to ExpandJennifer JohnsonChild Protection Worker306-787-3752
Click to ExpandKayla KleinChild Protection Worker306-787-2177
Click to ExpandLynette WotherspoonChild Protection Worker306-787-0336
Click to ExpandBrei WardChild Protection Supervisor306-519-3505
Click to ExpandBrent BarnesChild Protection Assistant Supervisor306-519-1833
Click to ExpandTamara CarrollChild Protection Worker306-519-2407
Click to ExpandTess CharukChild Protection Worker306-519-3352
Click to ExpandMichelle GirardinChild Protection Worker306-519-3820
Click to ExpandErin GroffResource Worker306-519-3322
Click to ExpandNicole KruskyChild Care Worker306-519-2890
Click to ExpandTana HansfordChild Protection Supervisor306-787-1289
Click to ExpandJeanna IrwinChild Protection Assistant Supervisor306-787-7892
Click to ExpandAmber BornhorstChild Protection Worker306-787-0924
Click to ExpandAmanda FiegeChild Protection Worker306-787-3837
Click to ExpandChelsea GareauChild Protection Worker306-787-0845
Click to ExpandJennifer Gorski-MathesonChild Protection Worker306-787-5735
Click to ExpandSherri JohnsonCase Aide306-787-0841
Click to ExpandMaggie LytleChild Protection Worker306-787-9545
Click to ExpandJordan PuscusChild Protection Assistant Supervisor306-787-3771
Click to ExpandSavanna BryceChild Protection Worker306-787-0623
Click to ExpandBaily HackCase Aide306-787-4915
Click to ExpandAlexandra HutchinsChild Protection Worker306-787-3784
Click to ExpandRebecca NealChild Protection Worker306-787-0579
Click to ExpandVirginia ReynoldsChild Protection Worker306-787-7033
Click to ExpandAmara SamadChild Protection Worker306-787-5635
Click to ExpandKyla SchweitzerChild Protection Intake Supervisor306-787-3772
Click to ExpandNicole NaughtonChild Protection Intake Assistant Supervisor306-787-3766
Click to ExpandJonathan BoucherChild Protection Intake Worker306-787-1757
Click to ExpandStacey BraunChild Protection Intake Worker306-787-8374
Click to ExpandPaige BrelandChild Protection Intake Worker306-798-0497
Click to ExpandAndrea BrittnerChild Protection Intake Worker306-787-7897
Click to ExpandMegan CousinsChild Protection Worker306-787-3727
Click to ExpandBella HabibChild Protection Intake Worker306-787-3782
Click to ExpandLisa LeeChild Protection Intake Worker306-787-6716
Click to ExpandLindsay O'WatchSummer Student306-787-2589
Click to ExpandJillian ScharfsteinChild Protection Intake Worker306-787-3762
Click to ExpandHolly MurrayChild Protection Screener Supervisor306-787-8879
Click to ExpandSamantha CooneyChild Protection Screener306-787-5083
Click to ExpandJade GanjeChild Protection Screener306-787-0429
Click to ExpandAmanda HamiltonChild Protection Screener306-787-1373
Click to ExpandKaely JaquesChild Protection Screener306-787-6890
Click to ExpandShayla LafontaineCase Aide306-787-5808
Click to ExpandTammy LangfordChild Protection Screener306-787-0548
Click to ExpandKellie SparvierChild Protection Screener306-787-3827
Click to ExpandSusan BlackAdoption Supervisor306-787-3768
Click to ExpandStephanie RossAdoption Worker306-787-2326
Click to ExpandSonia KrukAdoption Worker306-798-5131
Click to ExpandMirriam StaffenChild in Care Supervisor306-787-8182
Click to ExpandChris SimpsonChild in Care Assistant Supervisor306-787-3798
Click to ExpandKaren AndersonChild in Care Worker306-798-4120
Click to ExpandMichelle DescheneauxChild in Care Worker306-798-3312
Click to ExpandSamantha DownsChild in Care Worker306-787-8012
Click to ExpandJanie EllChild in Care Worker306-787-3657
Click to ExpandNicolle HenrionChild in Care Worker306-787-3539
Click to ExpandAmy HueChild in Care Worker306-787-3786
Click to ExpandMiranda JelsingChild in Care Worker306-787-0485
Click to ExpandCatherine KurtzChild in Care Worker306-787-3606
Click to ExpandAndela VidicChild in Care Worker306-787-0348
Click to ExpandKaren SellersChild in Care Supervisor306-798-1540
Click to ExpandChad TollefsonChild in Care Assistant Supervisor306-787-3527
Click to ExpandCandace BelhumeurChild in Care Worker306-798-0101
Click to ExpandCrystal BirnieChild in Care Worker306-787-7459
Click to ExpandDebbie ChetyrbokChild in Care Worker306-787-6239
Click to ExpandGillian GayChild in Care Worker306-787-7350
Click to ExpandKaren JordanChild in Care Worker306-787-3094
Click to ExpandMichelle LipkaChild in Care Worker306-787-1028
Click to ExpandPauline NzarambaChild in Care Worker306-798-0302
Click to ExpandLatoya ReidChild in Care Worker306-798-0693
Click to ExpandElizabeth SnyderChild in Care Worker306-787-3519
Click to ExpandDara McLeodResource (OOHC) Supervisor306-787-3768
Click to ExpandFrances NederhoffResource (OOHC) Assistant Supervisor306-787-5084
Click to ExpandYvette CappoResource Worker (OOHC)306-798-0486
Click to ExpandStephanie ClarksonResource Worker (OOHC)306-787-4204
Click to ExpandKaylee ElfordResource Worker (OOHC)306-787-8907
Click to ExpandAmanda GoebelResource Worker (OOHC)306-787-3590
Click to ExpandLois MissensResource Worker (OOHC)306-798-6077
Click to ExpandAlexis Robinson-ThomeResource Worker (OOHC)306-787-8907
Click to ExpandDebbie SykoraResource Worker (OOHC)306-798-6068
Click to ExpandKaren WilsonResource Worker (OOHC)306-798-5132
Click to ExpandChris HumphriesResource (OOHC) Supervisor306-787-3546
Click to ExpandTraci DavisResource (OOHC) Assistant Supervisor306-787-3518
Click to ExpandAromolaran AderonkeResource Worker (OOHC)306-787-2660
Click to ExpandJuliene BarrieResource Worker (OOHC) - Student306-787-7965
Click to ExpandBrittnee HolfeldResource Worker (OOHC)306-798-0694
Click to ExpandRobin KeenResource Worker (OOHC)306-798-0694
Click to ExpandVanessa MatthiesResource Worker (OOHC)306-798-1432
Click to ExpandMary-Anne NeumannResource Worker (OOHC)306-787-2413
Click to ExpandNatasha WillFamily Connections Planner306-787-4655
Click to ExpandChristina PowellResource (OOHC) Supervisor306-787-3747
Click to ExpandPaige PopilResource (OOHC) Assistant Supervisor306-787-3518
Click to ExpandBree AnakaResource Worker (OOHC)306-787-6877
Click to ExpandJoanne BearChild Protection Worker306-787-6021
Click to ExpandJanelle ZerrResource Worker (OOHC)306-787-3979
Click to ExpandLorelei Erickson-NevilleSouth Team Supervisor306-787-7820
Click to ExpandMarnel AllenSouth Team306-787-3796
Click to ExpandMelanie ChodakSouth Team306-529-7833
Click to ExpandJenna LeppaSouth Team306-787-3796
Click to ExpandVanessa ReimerSouth Team306-787-7229
Click to ExpandAmanda TiefenbachSouth Team306-526-6752
Click to ExpandKelly WoloshinSouth Team306-787-7229

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