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         Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Legal Services Division
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
900 - 1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4B3
Click to ExpandLinda Zarzeczny Q.C.Assistant Deputy Attorney General306-787-8387
Click to ExpandJackie BrownExecutive Secretary306-787-8381
Click to ExpandMax BilsonCrown Counsel306-787-5244
Click to ExpandJeffrey BrickCrown Counsel306-787-2130
Click to ExpandAlison BruceCrown Counsel306-787-8953
Click to ExpandShannon CarsonCrown Counsel306-787-8919
Click to ExpandBryan CarterCrown Counsel306-798-8061
Click to ExpandLinda ChristensenCrown Counsel306-798-4163
Click to ExpandJeffrey CrawfordCrown Counsel306-787-5462
Click to ExpandDarcia ConnellyCrown Counsel306-787-7442
Click to ExpandPatricia DixonCrown Counsel306-798-1421
Click to ExpandNancy DrewCrown Counsel306-787-5460
Click to ExpandTim EppCrown Counsel306-787-5494
Click to ExpandChris HambletonCrown Counsel306-787-7863
Click to ExpandKaren HindleCrown Counsel306-798-1424
Click to ExpandRick HischebettCrown Counsel306-787-5495
Click to ExpandJohn HobbsCrown Counsel306-787-1380
Click to ExpandTony Koschinsky, Q.C.Crown Counsel306-787-5243
Click to ExpandCarol KraftCrown Counsel306-787-6601
Click to ExpandKarina LamontCrown Counsel306-798-1416
Click to ExpandLeanne LangCrown Counsel306-787-5545
Click to ExpandMatthew LlewellynCrown Counsel306-798-1410
Click to ExpandColleen MatthewsCrown Counsel306-787-8968
Click to ExpandLaura MazencCrown Counsel306-787-6272
Click to ExpandKyle McCrearyCrown Counsel306-798-1422
Click to ExpandDan MorrisCrown Counsel306-798-1412
Click to ExpandMichael MorrisCrown Counsel306-787-7444
Click to ExpandLisa RennerCrown Counsel306-787-8380
Click to ExpandLee Anne SchienbeinCrown Counsel306-787-6602
Click to ExpandDanielle SchindelkaCrown Counsel306-787-9249
Click to ExpandCurtis TalbotCrown Counsel306-787-5470
Click to ExpandJohnna Van ParysCrown Counsel306-787-6534
Click to ExpandDeena WahbaCrown Counsel306-787-8383
Click to ExpandHazel HaleSecretary306-787-5224
Click to ExpandCarrie NickelSecretary306-787-6612
Click to ExpandVicki StricklandSecretary306-787-8382
Constitutional Law Branch
Office of Public Registry Administration

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