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      Monday, December 10, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Corrections and Policing
Custody, Supervision and Rehabilitation Services
Offender Services
Mailing Address:
700 - 1874 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4B3
Click to ExpandDoris SchnellExecutive Director, Offender Services306-787-5467
Click to ExpandVacantDirector, Mental Health and Addictions306-787-0721
Click to ExpandVacantDirector, Health Services306-787-2676
Click to ExpandCory BrittonDirector, Education and Employment306-787-9317
Click to ExpandDean CareyDirector, Offender Programs306-933-7435
Click to ExpandFred TarrDirector, First Nations and Metis Services306-798-0958
Click to ExpandJennifer ClarkeClinical Director306-933-7778
Click to ExpandJessica EvansClinical Director306-798-1032
Click to ExpandNatasha HeadClinical Director306-953-3626
Click to ExpandPeter OldridgeClinical Director306-933-7514
Click to ExpandKim PaisleyClinical Director306-787-9286
Click to ExpandTanya StinsonClinical Director306-798-0097
Click to ExpandDani HagelDeputy Director, Health Services306-533-2917
Click to ExpandLoretta SmithManager, Offender Employment Programs (Prince Albert)306-953-3671
Click to ExpandVacantSenior Program Advisor306-787-8222
Click to ExpandKerry WalterExecutive Coordinator306-787-8958
Click to ExpandTaylor BattyAdministrative Assistant306-787-5529

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